Greetings from Animanga Nation

Welcome to Animanga Nation, a blog dedicated to bringing you, our readers, news, reviews and release dates for anime DVDs as well as manga. If you’re reading this there is no doubt that you are a fan of Japanese animation (called anime) and Japanese comics (called manga). If you’re new to both anime and manga, we hope to enlighten you in hopes that you too will become a fan.

As your guide (and Editor-in-Chief), I along with Managing Editor Karma del Valle will offer up news as well as DVD and manga reviews. The pair of us have been writing and reviewing professionally in various publications but we would rather have our reviews and articles speak for themselves. The best part is that we’re both hardcore and dedicated fans of anime and manga so all the reviews and profiles you’ll read here are written by fans just like you. Allow me to introduce us:

L Edward Zacharias: Writer and editor of several Southern California news sources as well as online publications, Edward was practically raised on anime ever since his young eyes caught sight of the original Robotech on television. After begging and pleading with his parents at an early age to visit Tokyo, he fell in love with all things Japanese. Still quite obsessed, Edward has taken it upon himself to write about anime and manga.
Favorite anime series: Death Note, Eureka Seven and Black Lagoon.
Favorite manga: Naruto, Bleach and Ghost in the Shell.

Orihime Karma Del Valle: If it wasn’t for a Japanese exchange student named Ayame, Karma would probably have never known the pleasure of watching anime or discovering how exactly you read a manga. Her love for all things Japanese led her to write small anime reviews for her campus paper and many sleepless nights reading manga while sampling her favorite Pocky. She counts her trip to Japan as an unforgettable experience and can’t wait to visit again someday.
Favorite anime: Bleach, Black Cat and Cowboy Bebop
Favorite manga: Full Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha and Bleach

Thank you again for visiting this blog. We’re hoping to share our thoughts, views and opinions that will help you love this art form as much as we do.

Edward Zacharias


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