January Release Dates

Here are some DVD release dates. Please remember that all dates are subject to change.

Bastard!!, vol.16
Berserk, vol.21
Black Cat, vol. 12
Bleach, vol. 1, Library Edition
Blood +, vol. 1
Case Closed, vol. 21
Cheeky Angel, vol. 20
Death Note, vol. 1, Library Edition
Dr. Slump, vol. 4
Everlasting Love
Fall In Love Like a Comic, vol. 2
Family Complex
Full Metal Alchemist, vol. 1, Library Edition
Gin Tama, vol. 4
Gyo, vol.2 (2nd Edition)
Heroes Are Extinct, vol. 3
High School Debut, vol. 1
Hikaru no Go, vol. 11
Hunter x Hunter, vol. 18
I’ll Be Your Slave
Inuyasha, vol. 1 (Library Edition)
Inuyasha, vol. 32
Kurohime, vol. 3
La Corda d’ Oro, vol. 6
Love*Com, vol. 4
Nana, vol. 8
Naruto, vol. 1 (Library Edition)
Path of the Assassin, vol. 9
Path of the Assassin, vol. 10
Prince Charming, vol. 2
Prince of Tennis, vol. 23
Project Arms, vol. 18
Ranma 1/2, vol. 1, Library Edition
Reborn!, vol.6
Red River, vol. 20
S*A, vol. 2
Sand Chronicles, vol. 1
Shaman King, vol. 14
Skip Beat!, vol. 10
Strawberry 100%, vol. 3
Togari, vol. 4
Translucent, vol. 3
Trigun Maximum, vol. 12
Whistle!, vol. 18
Yakitate!! Japan, vol. 9


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