February Issue of Shonen Jump is available … Guess Who’s Back!

Shonen Jump, Feb. 2008 Issue

Guess Who’s Back?!: Ichigo was in a tight spot when the evil Arrancars came after him, but his old mentors saved the day. Now it looks like they aren’t the only ones who’ve taken an interest in his fate…

Gaara in Peril: Gaara’s power has grown to unearthly levels, and yet he’s been kidnapped. Who could be strong enough to rival the deadly master of sand? That’s exactly what his brother Kankuro means to find out, even at the risk of his own life! Plus, we’re giving away a free Naruto card!

Valentine’s Day: Do not panic — we’re not turning into a shojo magazine, we promise! We just wanted to mark the occasion SJ style with some helpful advice to get you through the big day. (Even bad boys have a soft side.)

New Adventure: One Piece has embarked on a brand-new adventure —the Alabasta saga! Now’s the perfect time to join Luffy and his crew! And we’ve got a roundup of all of the crazy Devil Fruit characters we’ve seen so far, plus our very first Devil Fruit Contest!

And that’s not all — check out what’s happening in your other manga favorites!

Softon’s dead and buried in Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo! Well, he’s not dead, but he did get buried! Will our nose-haired hero get to avenge his buddy’s demise?

Evil mastermind Sensui is teaching Yusuke some hard lessons — one punch at a time! See him get beaten real good in YuYu Hakusho!

Sai begs Hikaru to let him play against Toya Meijin in Hikaru no Go. Trouble is, Hikaru doesn’t want to miss out! Who will get to play?!

Yammy the Arrancar is giving Ichiro and friends a tough time in Bleach! When Yammy unleashes his doom blast, things look bleak!

The last thing Jaden wanted was to get hit with a Terra Firma Magma Slash, but that’s exactly what’s happened in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX! Will he find a way to win?!


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