Top 5 Valentine’s Day Manga

by Karma Del Valle

Valentine’s Day is upon us and nothing says love quite like a manga about love especially if your sweetheart loves manga. I list the Top 5 right here. Why five only? Well, because if I listed more I could go on and on and on. So if you have a manga lover as your sweetheart, give them one of these titles, a kiss and a Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at Animanga Nation.

1. Cover of Love Attack Love Attack by Shizuru Seiho
Love Attack is one of those familiar yet fun titles to read and I just absolutely love the art and story that pits a tough girl up against a boy she doesn’t want to admit she really likes. The tough tomboyish appearance of the main character just doesn’t hide the beautiful girly girl within.

2. Sand Chronicles Sand Chronicles by Hinako Ashihara
This is by far one of my favorite new Shojo Beat series and one I most identify with on a personal level. Being far from home, main character Ann Uekusa learns to adjust to her new surroundings and even when tragedy strikes she discovers that the kindness of new friends is exactly what she needs. To top it all off, Hinako Ashihara is a brilliant writer and her art is absolutely gorgeous.

3. Love*Com Cover 1 Love*Com by Aya Nakahara
If you didn’t already discover Love*Com then you absolutely must pick up the very first one. Then you’ll see how hard it is to put it down and I guarantee you will pick up the next one and next one. With likeable characters, great writing and beautiful art, the series is popular enough to inspire a live-action movie.

4. SA Cover 1 SA (Special A) by Maki Minami
School can get competitive and even more so when you strive to beat that one guy who seems to be good at everything. Oh, how that guy gets on my nerves! This is the basis for SA and one of Maki Minami’s best work. Just the way the story unravels and the love-hate relationship of the main characters make this an endearing series.

 And the Top 5 romantic manga series is …

5. Absolute Boyfriend Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase
An absolute warm, funny and well-written series, Absolute Boyfriend is popular and much-loved because we can’t help but be amused by the events that unfold. It’s hard not to love the plot where a lonely girl orders what was suppose to be a figurine only to have a cute naked boy delivered to her home. Hilarity and romance ensue in this Shojo Beat series you must definitely check out. 

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