Our New Grading System!

It’s been awhile since I last sounded off on this blog and as the Editor-in-Chief of Animanga Nation I should be doing it a lot. I would love to say thank you to all our readers and we’re happy that we’re getting positive responses from all of you that includes readers as far as Manchester, England (go Manchester United!) and even New Zealand (we love you guys!). In other words, we’re making an impact and we couldn’t be happier. Not bad for a group of students.

At this point I would like to welcome two new members of Animanga Nation. For those who read our old print insert will recognize Gretchen Silversted and Clive Owen. Gretchen is our resident Swede who makes the office light up with her cheerful nature, good-looks and talented writing are welcome addition to the team. Also, with Karma around, these ladies are a real distraction to the guys of the office next door who keep dubbing this office the headquarters for America’s Next Top Model.

Clive Owen – not to be confused with the actor – is a returning reviewer who actually looks more like Johnny Depp. I swear, sometimes we’re in a restaurant and old ladies ask for autographs or pictures. Somewhere there are a group of little old ladies from the UK with cell phone pictures of Clive telling everyone back home they saw Johnny Depp eating in Taco Bell. He’s a fine writer and my go-to guy to cover conventions.

Ok, I’ve gotten off track here. My real intention was to introduce our new grading system for our reviews. We’ve got new reviews for you so they will be up soon with this new grading system. In homage to our student roots, we thought it was best to use a school ranking system. Here it is:

A =  This grade means the manga or anime DVD is, by far, one of the best and should be seriously considered as a Must Buy. If you see an A+ stamped on this review then you know you’re getting quality stuff that, if you miss it, you should be kicking yourself … hard.
B =  This grade means that it’s an excellent product that should be bought if you’re a fan of the genre or interested in it. It also means that it has it’s few problems but it, in no way, makes for a bad one.
C =  This grade means that there are some problems with the product but has some potential to be good down the line. It’s not a complete loss seeing that there are some good redeeming qualities. It’s a good read/view either way but needs improvement.
D =  This grade means that the product in question lacks quality, presentation and a better reason to keep reading or watching. It means that only a true hardcore fan of said product should CONSIDER buying it (or at least skim through it or rent it).
F =  This grade means that there is nothing on this planet that can make this product good. This is the product you must avoid like the plague or hungry apes. There’s nothing here that will appeal to fans new or old.

There it is, folks, our new grading system. We’ll be reviewing new manga and anime very soon so here’s hoping you all like the grading system. School is most definitely in!

Your friendly neighborhood Editor-in-Chief,
Edward Zacharias


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