Early Monthly Editorial

Bleack !!!!

It’s been awhile since we were able to talk like this. I promise I’ll do my best to bring you a monthly editorial to offer a little insight on what we have planned for you. As always, I would like to thank that thousands of loyal readers that have been logging on and reading news and reviews. It warms my heart to see how many anime and manga fans there are out there and, of course, all of you who support Animanga Nation.

June for us will be special, first and foremost because of the HUGE theatrical event that will bring BLEACH fans closer than ever. I’m talking about the two-night event and premier of BLEACH THE MOVIE: MEMORIES OF NOBODY. Why is this a huge deal for us, you might ask? Well, aside from BLEACH being such a popular manga and anime, we all LOVE everything BLEACH. Really, you won’t find bigger fans of Tite Kubo’s series.

To celebrate, we will run a few BLEACH specials and some reviews you all have been requesting. Of course, we will also be bringing you some non-BLEACH-related material as well. We have a few interesting new articles in store as well as reviews of newly released manga such as the new Hell Girl manga and anime reviews (Buso Renkin, anyone?).

On a side note, it is with great sadness that we here at Animanga Nation say good-bye to two long-time contributors to our blog and the upcoming website. Karma del Valle has been a good Managing Editor and she will be missed. In her place we have an equally hard-working and manga/anime fanatic named Faith McAdams. She’s from Philly and loves BLEACH, Shojo and InuYasha.

We would also like to officially welcome Sophie Stevens who was the last contributing writer for our last Animanga Nation Newspaper back in the day. She hails from Manchester, England and has been a model for various department stores. She onced showed up in the Tokyo Game Show (a convention for video games in Tokyo, Japan) dressed as Orihime from BLEACH (you see, we’re HUGE BLEACH fans). Thinking about it, she does look a lot like Orihime so she didn’t really have to do much in the costume department. She will be our Reviews Editor.

Oh, and did I mention we will be bringing a fully functional main website sometimes soon. I know we promised a website awhile back but believe me when I say we want it to be the best one possible. You see, we are also in the process of purchasing another college-based publication known as American Manga© and will feature student-made original manga series. How’s that for a kick in the head? Yep, Animanga Nation has huge things in store and we’re excited to bring them to our readers and many site visitors.

Who says we don’t know how to show our love back, right?

All the best,

Edward Zacharias

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