Anime Love Turns Live-Action – Early Monthly Editorial

I know I’m making a habit of bringing our montly editorials a tad bit early but the news of anime and manga franchises going “live-action” on the big screen has me really excited that I just had to drop this editorial early. I regret that we weren’t able to attend the San Diego Comic-Con this year but the news that came out of it is exciting, indeed.

First off all, I’m really seeing the potential in turning our favorite anime series into live-action features even though “Speed Racer” tanked. I have high hopes that the live-action “Dragonball-Z” movie will rock and I will definitely be the first in line to see the Comic-Con announced “Ghost in the Shell” movie that is – if rumors are correct – produced by Steven Spielberg much in the same way he produced and looked after “The Transformers” movie. Just the thought of seeing the Major and Batou running around chasing cyber criminals has my heart racing.

My thoughts are on other possibilities, after all, VIZ Media is also jumping into the live-action big screen goodness. It’s no surprise seeing as there has already been a Nana movie as well as a live-action Death Note and Honey and Clover. Hopefully, we will also be getting a live-action version of Sand Chronicles. Yet, as I said, I can’t help but think of the possibilities. Wouldn’t you love to see Ichigo and Rukia come to life in a BLEACH live-action movie? How about Naruto and Sakura on the big screen?

The best bet would be a Naruto movie. I can already see those Hollywood executives seeing how big the fan base is and market it as “Harry Potter only with Ninjas and chakra instead of magic.” One-Piece also has the potential on screen, although I personally would love to see FullMetal Alchemist come to life on the big screen.

I sat my writers down and they have their own picks with some comments below. What anime or manga series would they love to see in a live-action movie on the big screen? Here’s what they had to say…

Clive Owen: Cowboy Bebop – “Think about it, it’s a sci-fi franchise that isn’t seeped in Japanese culture so just about everyone can get into it without feeling they have to know about Japanese folklore. It’s funny, it’s full of action and it has great characters that even non-fans will just like.”

Faith McAdams: Inuyasha – “There’s just a lot to love about this series and its endearing characters and I think it would make a great live-action movie that will probably take three films just to get the complete picture. It has just about everything you can ask for in a series.”

Ai Kano: FullMetal Alchemist – “Ed and Al’s quest to regain what was lost to them is what epics are made of and with great visual effects, a solid cast and a brilliant story would make it a great on the big screen. Show of hands, who would love to see Peter Jackson direct it?”

Sophie Stevens: Naruto – “Naruto would be the more likely candidate for a live-action feature. The way I see it, they would probably set it up in installments starting with the beginning and ending with the start of the Chunin Exam, then the search for the Fifth Hokage and then the next one the Sasuke-Naruto story arc. Then they can begin with the second chapter and so forth. Hear me, Hollywood, you have a good series in your hands so don’t mess it up.”

– Edward Zacharias


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