Monthly Editorial, October 2008

Hi everyone, Faith McAdams here. I’m your friendly neighborhood Managing Editor of Animanga Nation who smells like wild strawberries and sweet sweet gummi bears. My hobbies include reading manga, watching anime and calling up the Weather Channel to report high winds and a 50% chance that weather people don’t know what they’re talking about.

This space is usually reserved for our wonderful Editor-in-Chief but he’s in Oxford University in England as a guest panelist reserved for online Editors-in-Chiefs and entertainment journalists. We’re really really proud of him and his accomplishments. Anyway, this month’s Editorial duties go to me so I’ll take this time to fill this space some hand-picked reader mail and to welcome a new member of our family.

First, allow me to welcome Brenda Gregson to Animanga Nation. You’ve probably already know her from the article we printed here on Shojo writing and since she now lives in our area she thought of adding her love for manga and anime to this site by writing some reviews. Happy to have you on board, Brenda. We now really outnumber the boys in this office.

Now, on to the letters I will personally answer on this space. Thank you so much for writing us. We get an incredible number of letters and we try to reply to all of them. If you don’t hear from us it’s not that we’re ignoring your messages but rather we have way too many to answer. Here’s a few that really stand out.

“Hey, guys! I love High School Debut and read your review for vol. 5. When’s the anime DVD going to come out that they mention in the volume?”  – Kelly H. from New York City, NY

Faith: Hi, Kelly, I’m a loyal follower of High School Debut myself and would love nothing more if they made an anime from the series. I think you’re a little confused, though. What they mention in the volume is a “drama CD” which is like a radio drama with voice actors filling in the role of Haruna, Yoh and the others. I have yet to find it but when I do I will let you all know.

“Gurren Lagann! Gurren Lagann!”  – Luke T. from For Lauderdale, FL

Faith: Um, that’s not really a question but I feel you, Luke. Gurren Lagann is an anime brought to us from the good folks at Manga Entertainment. It’s currently one of our favorite’s on TV (shown every Monday on the SciFi Channel). I highly recommend you all check it out.

“Does Clive Owen look like Clive Owen the actor? If so, can I have his digits?” – Samantha D. from Chicago, IL

Faith: He looks nothing like Clive Owen the actor, believe me. If I had to pick an actor that best resembles him I would say that he looks more like Gerard Butler from the movie 300 than Clive Owen. Still want his digits?

“I really loved the ‘Manga Writer’ articles you guys printed. Is it going to be an ongoing thing on this site? Please say yes!” – Victoria B. from Brisbane, Australia.

Faith: Our two guest columnist aren’t published authors but according to all the e-mail we’re getting it seems to have been appreciate be a large number of you. Brenda Gregson, who now writes for us, is the only one of us who plans to be a manga-ka. If you would like to see a monthly “Manga Writer” column please let us know. If we get enough of you asking for it then we will most definitely consider it.

“Hey, Animanga Nation crew! Love you guys! Question (and I want all of you to answer this): What anime or manga would you guys love to see go live-action on the big screen? Mine is Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad.” Wendy T. from Los Angeles, CA

Faith: We love you too, Wendy. Beck would be awesome to see as a live-action movie. I asked everyone in the office and here’s what I got …

Clive Owen: Definitely FullMetal Alchemist. It strays from the traditional so no mechs or samurais so it would work for North American audiences. Who doesn’t want to see Ed and Al in live-action?

Ai Kano: Cowboy Bebop would work live-action. I haven’t seen a good sci-fi film recently and the characters are just so good.

Sophie Stevens: Naruto would make the most obvious sense. First, it has a massive following. Second, the characters stand out. Third, the story of an outcast who rises above his fellow students is something anybody can relate to without question.

Kiki Van De Kamp: I was going to say Sand Chronicles but they already beat me to it and hopefully we’ll get a chance to see it here. I think One-Pound Gospel would make a wonderful movie. It’s sweet, funny and a very human story.

Edward Zacharias: BLEACH would be my pick. I’m trying to convince a group of student filmmakers to post a fan-made 35-minute live-action version of the first episode of the anime on YouTube but they’re too shy to post it. I thought it was pretty good and I saw the possibilities of what a full-length feature film would look like.

Faith: My right brain say Blood + but my heart and left brain says Trinity Blood. I would love to see Saya on the big screen but there’s just something about Trinity Blood that makes vampires so darn awesome.

Well, that’s it for me. We have more reviews and news and other features in the works and thank you all for your wonderful e-mails and questions and for reading our reviews.


Faith McAdams
Managing Editor


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