Monthly Editorial – November 2008

October was a very busy month for us but thankfully things have calmed enough to bring you all more reviews. You see, getting back from a long and exhausing trip to the UK has given me knew ideas for our main site we always talk about but don’t launch. It’s just that we want to make a site that will bring anime and manga fans together.

You see, my vision is to have news, reviews and anything else in-between that this blog site is known for and appreciated by all our wonderful readers. Yet my vision is to also bring something new and different to the table and that’s way Animanga Nation is joined with a group of young artists and writers that call themselves American Manga Press. Our site, you see, will include a couple original manga series by these group of talented students that love manga just as much as we do.

I won’t go into too much detail but I’ve seen the outline of four original manga, one of them a shojo series from our very own Brenda Gregson called “Heart Skip Bebop.” There will also be a horror manga and a fantasy manga written by our friend Hiro Tanaka. My favorite of the four is a action/crime drama called “Chicago Knights” that is written and drawn by Emily Davis. Our site will also be a home to any of our readers wishing to become a manga-ka themselves. It’ll be a good place to show off your work in hopes of becoming published.

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself here. We still have a lot of work to do and its a really long way before we launch an official site. Animanga Nation, the blog site, will still be with you either way, though and we’re happy to take you all along with us.

– Edward Zacharias

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