Monthly Editorial – December 2008

Your friendly-neighborhood Managing Editor, Faith McAdams here again.

Our busy-as-usual Editor-in-Chief is out saving puppies, fixing the hole in the ozone, rescuing pretty princesses while riding a white stallion that shoots rainbows out of its eyes. Or maybe he just decided to use this time to finally go on vacation leaving us with all the work. Either way, I’m happy to be writing this month’s editorial again

This is the final editorial for the year of 2008. Thank you so much for your wonderful responses and for having been by our side and enjoying our manga and anime news are reviews. We’re happy to have such a wonderful collection of Animanga Nation readers and your loyal support and words or encouragement mean a lot to us. Without you we’re just a bunch of kids who eat, drink and dream of manga and anime.

We get loads of e-mails and we wish we could respond to all of them so – like last time – I randomly picked a few to answer right here and now. We’ve gotten e-mails from as far as South Africa, Ireland and India so we’re glad to see that anime and manga are universally loved. So, without any further ado, we present the letters and answers:

“Good to see you guys review anime/manga-themed games on here. What’s your absolutely favorite video game based on an anime/manga?”  – Chris T. from Portland, Oregon.

Clive Owen: The girls don’t play many video games unless it has Hello Kitty in title. As a gamer, though, I have to say that my favorite game based on an anime series has to be “Naruto: Rise of a Ninja” and the recent Dragon Ball Z games. Also, the new BLEACH game for the Nintendo DS is awesome.

“What did you guys think of the live-action Speed Racer movie?” – Annabel D. from Memphis, Tennesse.

Faith: Our Editor-in-Chief cried. He actually broke down and said “How can the guys that made the ‘Matrix’ ruin Speed Racer like that?” Then he remembered how much the other two ‘Matrix’ movies sucked. Honestly, we were all very disappointed with the movie. Here’s hoping the live-action Dragon Ball Z movie won’t suffer the same fate.

“Please to answer this everyone: Who is your favorite character in the Naruto?” – Marcos R. from Lima, Peru.

Faith: Hinata is my favorite Naruto character. She’s probably a lot stronger and more talented than her cousin, Neji, but lacks the confidence.
Clive: My favorite of the bunch is Shikamaru. The man doesn’t even want to lift a finger because everything is a drag.
Brenda Gregson: Sakura is the girl. She’s come a long way and she never gives up despite how bad things get.
Kiki Van De Kamp: Rock Lee is absolutely hilarious. You just have to love his determination and the fact that he’s even more awesome when he’s drunk.
Sophie Stevens: Guy-sensei is my absolutely favorite character in Naruto. He reminds me of the cheesy physical education teacher I once had.
Ai Kano: That’s easy … it’s Naruto. He’s that kid back in grade school that was always loud, always boasting but man did he show everyone what he’s capable of doing in the end.

“Great site! Clive, my man, be honest. Who is the hottest of the girls working there?” – Duane L. from McAllen, Texas.

Clive: Oh man, you’re killing me! Honestly speaking – and I’m answering truthfully and not because the girls are literally breathing down my neck while I’m writing this – is that each girl here is absolutely attractive. I’m not kidding. It’s like saying which one of the Victoria Secret models do you think is the prettiest? The girls are pointing at the clear cut winner here … it’s definitely Sophie. I agree, but consider this. Our UPS guy, named Phil, practically stammers and turns bright red when Ai signs for any packages and our mailman once tripped when he caught sight of Kiki for the first time. I’m telling you. The Chief and I are two lucky dudes.

Well, I hope each and every one of you has a most happy and festive holiday and we will most definitely see you in the New Year. Until then we will bring you more news and reviews. Believe me when I say that we’re doing our best to bring you a manga and anime review site that will get even better in 2009. Thank you again for being a part of our family.


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