My Santa – DVD Review


Review by: Kiki Van De Kamp
Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $14.98 US
Running Time: 55 minutes
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: TV MA
Release Date: November 18, 2008

Nothing says Christmas like presents and fan service!

I’m quite possibly one of the biggest Love Hina and Negima!? fans in our office and so when I heard about the Christmas, two-episode feature from the creators of those two highly-entertaining works I just couldn’t pass up the chance. You see, My Santa brings all the quirky yet charming humor and cute girl power Ken Akamatsu is known for and seeing as it’s based on the likeable manga “Itsudatte My SANTA!” this one came as a pleasant surprise.

However, My Santa is on the short side seeing as it is made up of only two episodes with a running time that’s not even an hour in length. Still, the episodes are rather fun to watch either way and believe me when I say that it’s one seriously wacky story told in two parts. You see, we meet a boy who happens to be named Santa in honor of the fact that he was born on Christmas Eve. Still, there’s nothing very festive about this Santa because since he was a child there was very little to like about the Christmas holiday. His parents, you see, were never around to celebrate his birthday or the holiday.

With no real reason to want to celebrate or attend parties thrown by his fellow classmates and friends, Santa spends Christmas alone … that is until the day he met Mai. Spunky, loud and utterly cute, Mai claims she’s a “Santa-in-training” that not only spreads holiday cheer but also wants Santa to like Christmas. She’s so intent on bringing him some happiness that she chases him around town. Mai even offers to spend the night in his pad. She even goes as far as kissing him. It isn’t until Mai uses her magic to show Santa what his parents are up to he finally does find something to like about the holidays … and Mai. Instead of earning her wings for helping Santa love Christmas, a full-fledged Santa transforms into a curvaceous babe.

In the second episode, we find Mai and Santa together in the beach. Having made an impact in his life, Mai is very much in love with the young man and has enjoyed staying with him all year. Of course, Christmas is right around the corner again but this time Mai is told she must head back to the Santa Academy and away from Santa. Worst yet, Mai’s friend and now rival, Sharry, is insisting that Mai leave now. How will she be able to face Santa or tell him that she’s leaving? What if they never see each another again?

Despite their rivalry and a battle of magic at the beach, Sharry attempts to help Mai and Santa have one last big night out together in hopes that it will make for a good memory. Unfortunately, Mai’s little sister, Maimai, insists on tagging along. As Mai quickly finds out, it’s hard to say goodbye and even more so when you love the person. It’s too bad she has until the stroke of midnight to tell Santa how she feels about him and if he feels the same way.

As it turns out, the second episode feels far more magical and more engaging than the first episode. It’s still funny and filled with fan service that goes beyond what we’re use to but there’s also a lot a meaningful message about true love remaining constant even when you have to say goodbye. Ok, so the sight of seeing so many voluptuous female Santas is a bit on the odd side but it’s different and different is very good.
My Santa is a fun little holiday jaunt and its also a very short one. I enjoyed the second episode a lot more than the first seeing as it feels true to Ken Akamatsu’s source material. Trust me, when this DVDs’ major problem is that you wish it was longer then it’s not a bad investment to purchase My Santa.



We get two episodes that center on a cute boy named Santa who is in serious need of cheering up when an adorable girl comes to his rescue with Christmas cheer and fan service. While the first story has its really enjoyable and humorous moments, it’s the second episode on the disc that is genuinely fun to watch.

The sharp, crisp and colorful picture goes well with the lovely animation that Negima!? fans are accustomed to and the flashy effects light up the screen nicely. Plus, who knew Santa Claus had such busty helpers. There’s nudity in this one so it certainly lives up to its Mature rating.

The English dub is actually very good and so is the Japanese voices. There’s also a really good score and the Nanaka opening theme and the Aya Hirano closing theme song is equally good.

There’s very little here worth mentioning aside from the trailers included on the disc. We would have loved some animated shorts to accompany the episodes.

My Santa is a fun Christmas tale that’s actually funny and – in the final episode – very endearing. Still, the affair is over before you even know it and with very little in terms of extras its hard to really recommend it. Still, if you like a short Christmas story filled with genuinely funny moments and some fan service tossed in for good measure, then you might want to pick this one up anyway.


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