High School Debut, Vol. 7 – Manga Review


Review by: Faith McAdams

Publisher: VIZ Media
Author: Kazune Kawahara
Genre: Graphic Novel (Shonen Beat Manga)
MSRP: $8.99 US
Rating: T (Teen)
Release Date: Available Now

Never mess with Fumiya.

Our girl Haruna has really come a long way since we first seen her trying everything she can to land herself a boyfriend and after having convinced her attractive love coach to become her boyfriend it was a bumpy road to happiness. Yet somehow this selfless girl was able to conquer even her worst fears to the point that Yoh – a young man that had closed the door on love for so long – was able to tell Haruna that he loved her in the end of Volume 6. It just couldn’t get better than that.

Oh, but Volume 6 of High School Debut isn’t without its surprises, though. As Haruna and Yoh’s relationship has reached the moment that both trust each another, it is another relationship that comes under fire. We’ve seen Asami selfishly take Fumiya away from Haruna and then make a number of outrageous demands from her loyal boyfriend but not to the extent that she does in this volume. Then again, this is a girl who is use to getting what she wants and when their parents go out of town and Asa finds out that Yoh is sick with a severe cold she calls up Haruna to take care of her brother.

Haruna does show up quickly to take care of Yoh while Asami decides to head out on a date with Fumi. Was this simply a ploy to get somebody else to watch over her sick brother or was this really a plan to get Haruna and Yoh some alone time together without parents around? It’s not clear but Haruna’s main concern is helping Yoh get better and she does a great job. In his delirium, however, Yoh makes a rather heartfelt confession that compels Haruna to want to kiss him. When Haruna catches Yoh’s bug, it is Yoh who then takes care of Haruna and does so gladly.

As I said, it just couldn’t get better than that. The same, however, couldn’t be said about Asami and Fumiya’s relationship that has reached a critical point … well, for Asami anyway. As we found out in earlier volumes, she’s the type of girl that gets bored quickly and she’s also extremely demanding. Unfortunately, Fumiya isn’t the type of guy that isn’t able to initiate intimacy. In fact, he comically runs away when Asa attempts to seduce him.

Yet Asami’s solution is to hang out with other guys … something that just doesn’t sit well with Haruna. When a group of boys from a wealthy prep school invite her over, Haruna decides to tag along when Asa invites a reluctant Mami and the pushy Leona along in a group date to a karaoke bar. One rich boy in particular makes it very clear that he wants Asami all to himself and when he does take her away to a private room in his family’s restaurant, a very furious Fumiya shows us a side of him we have never seen before. What he does next … well, you definitely have to see it for yourself.

With that event behind them, a new school semester has begun and Haruna – a second year student now – finds herself in the same class as Mami and Asami. Placed in charge of the welcoming the new freshmen students, Haruna meets three new boys who take an interest in her (one of them in a slightly romantic way). Haruna also discovers that Yoh becomes the object of affection for all the new girls as well and this worries her a little. Yet Yoh does something uncharacteristically in the very end.

High School Debut, Volume 7, is yet another fun entry in the series and it’s great to see another relationship aside from the Yoh-Haruna relationship run into a major problem that threatens said relationship. There are also so intriguing possibilities that pop up in the later half of this volume that might play a role later in the series. With five more volumes to go, the series definitely has plenty of surprises that continue to make this manga series such a joy to read and Volume 7 is certainly proof of that.



When Yoh catches a horrible cold, it’s Haruna that nurses him and wins some brownie points thanks to Asami. On the other hand, Asa’s intentions might have all been part of her self-centered nature that drives Fumiya into an uncharacteristic fit of rage. Oh, and Haruna looks back to the past when she is put in charge of the welcoming committee for the new crop of freshmen students.

Is it me or are the covers becoming more and more awesome with each volume? The artwork is still just as good as it was in the last volume as well.

While always showing up with her own mischievous agenda as a secondary player, Asami takes center stage in this one as she pushes her relationship with Fumiya further in the most unflattering way. Meanwhile, Haruna and Yoh are starting to function a tad more comfortably as a true couple. Yes, Volume 7 of High School Debut is yet another highlight in the series.


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