Hi again, it’s your out-of-control Otaku girl or also known as the Managing Editor of Animanga Nation, Faith McAdams. This is the third time I’m taking over this spot for the Chief who is out of town on vacation because he definitely needs it right now. The guy looks like a zombie that went on a Red Bull and Mojito bender. If he hadn’t stapled his eyelids open you would have thought he was sleepwalking.

Anyway, whenever I take to writing this editorial I tend to answer a randomly selected collection of reader e-mail questions and comments. Not to sound like we’re bragging or anything but we do get a lot of e-mail and we would love to answer them all but sometimes can’t. We’re also happy to hear from site visitors from as far as Rome, Italy as well as South Africa and sometimes we even get e-mail in a language we just can’t make out. Thank you all for your support.

February is the month of love and while all the girls and two guys in this office spend Valentine’s Day with our special somebody, Animanga Nation encourages our readers to go out an buy a manga you always wanted to check out or pick up an anime series you normally wouldn’t watch. In other words, let’s spend the day supporting manga and anime. Let’s show our appreciation to this art form that has brought all of us happiness.On a personal note, I’m picking up a copy of Kingdom Hearts from TOKYOPOP and the first volume of the anime Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. I had always wanted to check them both out but hadn’t had the chance so I’m definitely going to spend that part of Valentine’s Day in that way.

Ok, enough about me and let’s get to our reader mail.

“Dudes, what’s the name of that anime movie where there‘s a brother taking care of his little sister during or after World War II? I‘m trying to buy it but nobody knows the name of it.” – Jeffery T. from Anchorage, Alaska

FAITH: “Hey, us girls outnumber the guys in this office so use a term that’s more gender friendly like ’Office Hotties.’ To answer your question, I believe you’re referring to ‘Grave of the Fireflies,’ which is one of my favorite movies that STILL makes me cry each time I see it.

“Hi Animanga Nation, my husband and I love your blog site. You all talked about live-action movies based on anime or manga and mentioned something about my favorite manga, ‘Sand Chronicles’ being made into a live-action movie. Is that true?” Brianna L. from Sacramento, California

FAITH: “We would never lie to you or our readers, Brianna. There is a live-action movie of our personal favorite manga, Sand Chronicles, and it looks great. We’re certain we will find it available in North America. If you want to check out the trailer, here’s the link:

“Hi Animanga Nation! Do any of you know how speak Japanese? Have you guys and girls been to Japan before?” – Miko A. from Okinawa, Japan

FAITH: Hi, Miko, it’s great to hear from somebody in Okinawa. Everyone in this office has been in Japan at some point. I once traveled there with our Chief in the year 2000 for the Tokyo Game Show. As for speaking Japanese, my knowledge of that awesome language isn’t too shabby. The only two who do speak very fluent Japanese, however, is Ai Kano and our Chief who lived out there for a year before taking up the Editor-in-Chief title.

“Why don’t you girls review yaoi titles?” Kristen H. from Chicago, Illinois

FAITH: “We’re not opposed to the idea but a poll we ran a few months back showed a majority of readers not caring for reviews of yaoi titles. If we get enough e-mails saying you’re interested in seeing yaoi news and reviews then we will seriously consider it.”

Well, that’s it for now. Thank you again for putting up with my editorial and hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Faith McAdams
Managing Editor




“Hi Animanga Nation! Do any of you know how speak Japanese? Have you guys and girls been to Japan before?” – Miko A. from Okinawa, Japan

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