FUNimation Acquires Fullmetal Alchemist OVA’s


FUNimation Entertainment announced at Ohayocon the acquisition of the Fullmetal Alchemist: Premium OVA Collection and plans to release the set this year.

The Premium OVA Collection features four shorts including:

Seven Homunculi VS State Alchemists” – A 10-minute short re-imagining of the story in which the two main factions of the story face off in one giant battle.

“Live Action” – A three-minute live-action featurette of Alphonse as he tours Tokyo and visits the BONES animation studio.

Chibi Party” – A six-minute animation featuring chibi (miniaturized) versions of all the characters from the Fullmetal Alchemist movie .

Kids” – A short, six-minute animation of three children — who look like Alphonse, Edward, and Winry — playing throughout a modern-day Japanese city.

The set will offer the same content as the original Japanese release and the films will be uncut with subtitles as well as dubbed with an English language track.


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