Dragon Ball Z Double Feature: Super Android 13/Bojack Unbound – DVD Review


Review by: Clive Owen
Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: DVD: $24.98, Blu-ray: $34.98
Running Time: Super Android – 95 minutes/Bojack Unbound – 95 minutes
Genre: Action
Rating: TV PG
Release Date: Available Now

An androids and aliens double feature … grandpa would be proud.

I love my grandpa who always brings me candy (even now that I’m old enough to buy my own candy) and offer me root beer while he told his old war stories, but – like a scratched CD – he’d totally forget he mentioned things five minutes ago and repeat them again. One observation actually a lot of sense to me.

“Why aren’t there double features anymore? Why, back in my day you’d get two movies for the price of one and that would include a newsreel and enough change in your pocket for popcorn. Can you imagine that, Clive? Two movies for the price of one!”

Well, grandpa, there are but now they come in DVD form just like the Dragon Ball Z Double Feature that offers Super Android 13 and Bojack Unbound in one tin case set. We’ve seen these movies before a long while back but not as beautifully remastered and packaged this nicely. I have to admit that I’ve seen the movies before but was impressed with the digital transfer that it was like looking at them with new eyes in my sockets. Still, even though the gorgeous tin case and pristine video are nice, it’s what inside that really counts. If you’re a Dragon Ball Z fan, there’s something to like about Super Android 13 and something to really love about Bojack Unbound.


Originally released in February of 2003, Super Android 13 starts off in a surprisingly unexpected way. Dragon Ball Z fans know that Doctor Gero always had it in for Goku and has sworn the kill him by way of the mad doctor’s killer androids. When we first see Doctor Gero in the opening sequence, he is killed by his own androids. Still, even death cannot stop the good doctor since his computers are programmed to continue making androids and thus releases two deadly ones in search of Goku.

It’s a beautifully sunny day and the city’s biggest mall is bustling with customers that not only include Oolong, Trunks, Kuririn (or as diehard Dragon Ball Z fans know him as Krillian) and our favorite perverted old man but also Goku and his family (Gohan and wife Chichi). Suddenly, the two androids find themselves destroying everything in their path to get to Goku and it isn’t until they attack the mall that Goku and his friends react.

Not wanting to risk the lives of civilians as well as his family, Goku – with the help of Trunks – leads the two Artificial Intelligence humanoids near a glacier. They faced off against mechanized foes before but these two are a lot tougher as Trunks soon finds out when he’s defeated. Soon, Doctor Gero’s computer releases one of the deadliest androids of them all … Android 13, a super strong artificial human complete with rippling muscles and, for some reason, sporting a mullet and a trucker hat.

Android 13 proves to be a formidable opponent that makes short work of Goku but Gohan shows up with Kuririn to aid his father in battle. When Gohan isn’t able to keep up with the fight, Vegeta (Trunk’s father) shows up and then so does Piccolo. The massive Dragon Ball Z fan boy in me cheered at the sight of the Z Fighters in action again. When even the awesome team up isn’t enough to stop Android 13, Goku asks the Earth to lend him its Genki. The face-off that follows is quite possibly the best part of this movie and we’re talking a movie that had fight scenes from the very beginning. In short, Super Android 13 is action-packed but you can’t help but feel that you’ve seen all of this before in past Dragon Ball Z episodes.


Four top warriors from across the galaxy have arrived for the Tenkaichi Grand Tournament hosted by multimillionaire Gyosan Money (called Excess Cash in the English dub) and you can bet so does the Super Saiyans such as Trunks and an older Gohan. Taking place after the death of Goku (who is watching from the heavens with King Kai), the story follows Gohan as he competes for a shot at taking on the always hilarious Mister Satan.

As the tournament starts, it comes to Gohan and Trunk’s surprise that Kuririn, Piccolo and Vegeta are also participating and – as other fighters are eliminated – they must go up against each another. It doesn’t take to long before Gohan and Kuririn (who manages to survive being pitted up against the likes of Piccolo) are among the last remaining fighters to go up against the aliens invitees. Meanwhile, Mister Satan is frantically looking for a way to escape facing off against Gohan.

The tournament takes an interesting turn when the remaining fighters are moved to another area of the island arena. Separated from each another, the last contestants find themselves going up against aliens but why are they not holding back? Why don’t they look like the aliens that got off the spaceship before the tournament began? The answer might have something to do with an alien named Bojack whose mission is to enslave Earth as well as the entire universe.

Armed with his loyal followers, Bojack goes up against Gohan and Trunks but is just too powerful for even the powerful pair to defeat. Thankfully, Vegeta and Piccolo shows up to lend a helping hand and – forced by the producers of the tournament – Mister Satan is dropped into the battlefield as well. The result is a massive battle that is pure Dragon Ball Z action goodness. Thanks to the addition of Mister Satan, there’s also some good humor as well.

If I had to pick one winner out of this double feature package it would be Bojack Unbound. Sure, Super Android 13 has its moments but Bojack Unbound features more surprises, better battles and a story that’s actually dramatic and fun to watch. In other words, this is a double feature Dragon Ball Z fans should have if you missed either one of these movies when they were sold individually.

Grandpa Owen is definitely pleased.



Bojack Unbound is on the top of my list as a favorite from this double feature seeing as it’s more dramatic, contains visually appealing battles and Mister Satan makes an appearance. Super Android 13 isn’t a bad feature film but you’ll feel like we’ve seen this all before.

The digital transfer is simply gorgeous for both feature films and the fact that it’s uncut is the cherry on top of an already sweet cake.

Now this is how you provide a rich audio experience … with enough options to please the most nitpicky fan. If you love the English dub voices but don’t like the translated songs then you can add the Japanese music instead. Then again, you can listen to the original Japanese track the way it was really meant to be experienced.

Aside from the super awesome tin case and the fact that this is a double feature set, all you will find are some trailers.

Dragon Ball Z fans who missed out on these movies the first time around will find this neat little package a double feature well worth the money. Sure, Super Android 13 isn’t the strongest entry in the Dragon Ball Z feature film collection but it’s not a boring adventure either. Fans will certainly appreciate Bojack Unbound in this crisp new format. Together, these movies make a fun evening for Dragon Ball Z addicts like us.


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