Dragon Ball GT, Season Two – DVD Review


Review by: Edward Zacharias
Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $49.98 US
Running Time: 780 minutes
Genre: Action
Rating: TV PG
Release Date: Available Now

A Super Saiyan’s last stand just so happens to be his finest.

As a Dragon Ball fan, I’ve been awaiting the arrival of each season’s box set like a kid counting down the day until Christmas. As of yet, I have not been disappointed by the quality of the sets and I love how amazing the episodes look on DVD. Oh, but something was missing and that was the Dragon Ball GT series. Thankfully, FUNimation has brought us the stellar first season of the series and now finishes things up with the final installment of the series.

Season One of Dragon Ball GT served not only as a great introduction to this story but it also showed how this chapter in the Dragon Ball saga was one of the more exciting ones as well. We followed Goku, his granddaughter Pan and the brave Trunks on a long journey to secure the Black Star Dragon Balls in the first season only to find themselves up against the dangerous Baby who managed to merge himself with Vegeta. In Season Two, it’s clear that Goku does not have the strength and power to defeat the likes of Baby … up until he transforms into a giant ape that is way too powerful for even Goku to contain.

Oh, but Pan does manage to bring her grandpa back to reality and – as a result – Goku is transformed yet again into a Super Saiyan 4, which is the ultimate form for a powerful Saiyan such as Goku. This new form is actually an improvement not only in physical form (Goku is no longer a pint-sized kid) but also in terms of personality. Super Saiyan 4 is actually a tough, confident and dangerous person that doesn’t play around like the any version of Goku we’ve seen so far. While the form still isn’t powerful enough to easily defeat a foe like Baby, Goku does manage to unleash hell on Baby to the point that he sends him running away. Does this new Goku let him go, though? Let’s just say we won’t be seeing Baby anytime soon.

The battle against Baby has left its mark on Earth as cities have been destroyed and people have been killed and, to make matters worst, the planet has become too unstable that the citizens of Earth must vacate and a mass exodus goes underway. Goku and his friends and family help out but, in the end, one of their own doesn’t have the power to escape as the planet explodes. When life goes back to normal on their new home, Trunks is attacked by none other than Super Android 17 who was sent out to kill Goku by Dr. Gero who has aligned himself with Dr. Myuu in the depth of hell itself. While Super Android 17 faces off against Goku’s friends, a portal to hell opens and sends past defeated foes to attack the planet. Tricked into going to hell, Goku faces off against familiar faces such as Cell and Frieza.

On top of those problems, however, the Great Dragon Shenron is displeased with how the Dragon Balls have been used and Shadow Dragons are released around the world carrying with them powerful Dragon Balls. Once again, Goku sets out to find each Dragon Ball but this time he’s got his new form as an advantage and Pan tags along. I should say that we’ve seen Goku on Dragon Ball hunts before but this time around there’s just something more exciting about it. Perhaps its his new form and take-no-prisoners attitude or the fact that the deaths of friends (I won’t reveal them here) have pushed him into taking the hunt more seriously, but Dragon Ball GT is just straight up cooler and more action-packed than previous Dragon Ball season.

The hunt for the Shadow Dragons places Pan in danger since the Dragons – even the goofy ones like Naturon – are dangerous. At one point, Goku is even faced with the decision of letting a Shadow Dragon live to save Pan or sacrificing his granddaughter to save the lives of hundreds. The fights are longer and more intense as well in Season Two and there are a few surprises along the way. One of the Shadow Dragons, for instance, goes up against Goku only to see that his intentions are noble and even aids him more than once.

In the last few episodes of Season Two’s 30 episodes, Goku faces off against the One-Star Shadow Dragon Syn Shenron that proves to be hard to beat on his own. With Pan too injured to fight, the Saiyans come to Goku’s aid one last time. This time, however, Vegeta (who was once Goku’s rival) proves his friendship by having his wife accelerate his transformation. The result is that Vegeta and Goku can fuse together to become Gogeta – the ultimate fighter. I won’t say much more about the ending except for that it is a spectacular finale.

The Season Two set also comes with The GT Movie titles A Hero’s Legacy that tells a short but rather sweet story of Goku Jr., Pan’s grandson. In the future, Pan becomes ill and Goku Jr. feels that his grandmother is about to die so the only way to help her is to find her Dragon Ball and make a wish to keep her from dying. Goku Jr. is the type of kid that gets bullied around but – much like Son Goku – when he sets his mind to it he summons enough bravery to take on a big task.

Goku Jr.’s determination impresses one of the school bullies who joins the kid on his journey and they encounter a number of obstacles that include some dangerous enemies. Little Goku even comes to the aid of a bear cub that is being hunted down by a monster, showing us that the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree. It’s a nice story that’s actually cute and funny.

Certainly one of the more exciting chapters in the Dragon Ball GT saga, Season Two is the perfect way to close this series. While the first season set is easily one of the best, Season Two is just more dramatic, more action-packed and the addition of the GT movie adds more bang for the buck. Dragon Ball fans, this is one you definitely need in your collection.



Earth is in trouble once again as the threat of Baby is over and a far more dangerous adversaries reveal themselves. Goku and his friends put up quite a fight that means the death of some favorite characters and a final confrontation that is nothing short of fantastic. The GT Movie is a short but sweet adventure that feature’s Goku’s great-great grandson, Goku Jr.

A round of applause should go to the staff that digitally remastered and restored these episodes because the series looks really good. Even The GT Movie looks excellent.

Once again, the Dragon Ball season sets do not disappoint when it comes to sound options so you can view the episodes with the English dub cast and original Japanese music or just stick to an all-Japanese voices and soundtrack option. Either way, the episodes sound really good and there are better closing theme songs than the first season.

Marathon Play is still a great feature but the star here is A Hero’s Legacy. As far as other extras are concerned, though, there’s not much here except for some trailers and the option to see the opening and closing animation without credits.

The 30 episodes that make up Season Two of Dragon Ball GT will not fail to show you a good time and this series ends on a good note that makes this the most memorable ending to a Dragon Ball saga. Aside from the exciting events of the final season’s action-packed episodes, The GT Movie included as a bonus is actually fun to watch. In the end, what we have here is another reason our wallet is empty.


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