Monthly Editorial – March 2009 Edition

I met one of Animanga Nation’s many readers in Japan of all places!

Unfortunately, my travel to Japan wasn’t for pleasure and that would have been great seeing as I haven’t been there for over 7 years now, but this time I went to the funeral of one of my closest friends from Tokyo. I stayed for less than a week, mainly keeping my friend’s family company. Hiroshi Tamayama, you will be missed, my dear friend.

While I was there I also got to visit my sister, Eden Zacharias, who – like her older brother (me!) has come to Tokyo to attend High school and learn about life in Japan. Like Big Brother, Little Sister, haunts her local manga cafe and I got to hang out with her as she showed me her favorite manga. I even went through her Naruto collection, telling her how happy we are to be getting a Naruto explosion back home.

Anyway, on my fourth day in Tokyo, my sister introduced me to a young girl named Mika Ootsaku who has been dying to meet me since she discovered Animanga Nation. She’s Japanese-American who found our site when looking for manga reviews. She was actually dying to meet Faith McAdams … which is typical because everyone of our readers I do meet back home want to meet her. When they do, they fill her e-mail inbox like you wouldn’t believe.

Anyway, it was great meeting one of our readers all the way out there in Japan and, Mika, thank you for your kind words and the coffee. Little Sister, thanks for all the Naruto manga you packed in my bag.

Now, to brush up on my Japanese.


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