Case Closed, Season Four – DVD Review


Review by: Edward Zacharias
Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $29.98
Running Time: 635 minutes
Genre: Mystery
Rating: TV PG
Release Date: Available Now

Who are you, Conan?

For three complete seasons we have watched a boy who calls himself Conan Edogawa stick his nose into every crime investigation headed by the dim-witted private investigator Richard Moore and solve the crime thanks to some rather nifty gadgets and the fact that’s he’s really the genius detective Jimmy Kudo that was transformed into the pint-sized Conan by criminals using an experimental drug. While he was sly enough to solve the crimes by using other people and a bow tie that can mimic any voice, Season Four of Case Closed comes close to revealing the one truth about Jimmy/Conan to the person most close to him.

That’s right, you read that correctly. Season Four not only comes close to Conan’s secret spilling out but this is the first season where other characters come to question the fact that Conan, Richard and his daughter Rachael always seem to coincidentally become a part of a murder investigation. In other words, there’s a lot to this season than meets the eye.

There are also 26 episodes filled to the brim with inventive mysteries that put the criminals of CSI look like nitwits. In the first case of the season, a client asks Richard to locate his childhood sweetheart but the evening ends with a murder. The victim happens to be the client’s son who is a burn victim with a troubled past. It’s a complex case and returning High school detective Harley Hartwell also shows up with his father who happens to be investigating as well.

The following episodes finds Richard, Rachael and Conan solving a number of random crimes such as the time they witness a bank robbery that ends with murder and a “Rear Window” inspired episode that has a hospitalized Richard witnessing a murder outside his window and ends up being the prime suspect. The Junior Detective League is also back in action with Conan and his young friends help solve the case of a murdered homeless man as well as the kidnapping of a famous brother-sister music act. The kids even help Conan find a little girl who was kidnapped by bank robbers attempting to blackmail a man into killing one of their associate’s that was caught by the authorities after he was injured during the getaway.

Even a holiday getaway becomes an excuse to solve a murder when Rachael, her friend Serena and Conan head to the snow for a skiing trip only to find that the pair’s old elementary school teacher is being hunted by a murderer. In another trip, Richard takes the pair to see some cranes only to find that the habitat’s owner is being harassed by his two kids that he is leaving out of the will. When the man is found dead with an arrow through him the prime suspect isn’t who he seems. In another case, a horror novelist that writes Dracula-inspired novels is found dead with a stake through the heart like one of his books. Interestingly enough, in this case, Richard’s deductions are nearly accurate enough to impress even Conan. Maybe Richard isn’t a complete loss as a detective after all.

Then again, Richard’s deductions are way off when a client hires him to foil a hit the client had ordered on himself when he misinterpreted a cancer diagnosis. The assassin in question is the famous Fox who rarely fails and had performed a hit recently that resulted in the accidental death of a little girl aboard a bus. To lure the Fox out, they all head for the mountains on a hiking trip with a group of people that all seem suspicious from the very start. In another case, Richard becomes the unwitting alibi for a woman that actually likes him romantically. When the woman’s roommate ends up dead, there’s doubt that it was a suicide.

Speaking of suicide, there are cases in this season such as the case where an actress that played the Snow Priestess in a movie is found dead from an apparent suicide during a ski trip. In another case, the daughter of a master potter is found with a noose around her neck. Did she kill herself or is this murder? The best episode, however, is Episode 99 where it suddenly dawns on Rachael that Conan and Jimmy might actually be the same person. How else could she explain how a child can know so much about poisons and the law?

One of the many great things about Case Closed is how elaborate most of the murder cases are and this season is no exception despite a few obvious cases that are definitely open and shut affairs. Then again, these less intricate cases do mix things up. In the end, Season Four of Case Closed is absolute proof that mysteries this good would be a true crime to miss.



Richard, Rachael and Conan see to a number of cases that include kidnappings, a dangerous assassin and presumed suicides. At one point, Rachael has her doubts of who Conan really is and – on a rare episode – is involved in a case with his mother that isn’t solved by the super sleuth.

Once again, the episodes look good on DVD and I could only imagine what they would have looked like in the Blu-ray format.

The English dub voice acting is just as good as the original Japanese voices. While the opening theme song isn’t my personal favorite, the closing theme song is actually nice.

Trailers and cleaning opening and closing songs can be found here but the real extra – if you can call it that – is a brief character description of Harley Hartwell and a short look at two of Conan’s gadgets.

Season Four of Case Closed brings us more complex cases that are right up Conan’s alley but this season remains to be the one that one truth doesn’t prevail for the diminutive sleuth. In fact, other characters make rather interesting observation in this one that makes the fourth season one of the more interesting. Fans of Case Closed will definitely like this one.


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