Monthly Editorial – April 2009

Hi all, it’s your friendly neighborhood Managing Editor, Faith McAdams, here.

Once again, I take it upon myself to handle this Editorial spot for our Chief who is out at the office. He says he’s preparing a few surprises for the coming months but we personally think he’s just holed up at the local Hooters. So it’s my pleasure to once again bring a few reader mail and a few words about what we have planned.

One piece of news is that Animanga Nation will be at this year’s Anime Expo heading for Los Angeles again. AXE 2009 looks to be pretty big and this time around all the members of the staff will be on hand to bring plenty of news and coverage you can handle. We hope to see you all there and if you see a small gang of kids that look like they had way too much Red Bull you will know its us. Say hi to us … we love meeting our readers.

Anyway, it’s time for our reader mail. Let it be known now and forever that we pick the mail via a hamster trained to randomly click on the e-mail that suits his fancy. We do not pick the reader mail so it is up to Chibi the Hamster to do it for us. We would love to answer it all but we’re busy coming up with new drinks. Did you know mixing Red Bull with two drops of lemon juice, a splash of Dr. Pepper and five drops of Mountain Dew can make you see go blind for about an hour? Ask Clive Owen. We really don’t recommend this drink.

Ok, I’ll stop talking. Here begins the reader mail:

“Faith, please answer this question. What is your favorite closing theme song from an anime and, if you were a boy, which girl from a manga would you love to date and why?”  – J-Mac13 from Fort Worth, Texas

FAITH: Hi J-Mac13, I will answer your question because you said please. You put me on the spot here with the anime question because I have a lot of favorite ending songs. The one I could never get out of my head, however, is currently Rie Fu’s “TSUKIAKARI” from Darker Than Black. Now, if I were a boy, I would so totally be dating Haruna from “High School Debut” because she’s hilarious.

“Will Samurai Champaloo ever come out as a Complete Collection?” – Anne B. from Boston, Mass.

FAITH: Yes, indeed, via FUNimation and Geneon’s sweet deal we will be getting a Samurai Champaloo collection set. We are so dying for it to come out soon.

“What’s the name of that anime where this kid flys this mech thing with a young girl that’s mother to three little kids? It’s also go air surfing or something. The title of it escapes me.”  – Paul D. from New York City, NY

FAITH: “Hi Paul. I believe you are talking about Eureka Seven, which is one of my person favorites as well. I hoped that helped.

“Cheers, Ai. I really love your name. How is it pronounced?”  Amy S, age: 10 from Liverpool, England

Ai: “Whoa, an e-mail from Liverpool. That’s so awesome. Thank you for liking my name, it’s pronounced the way you would the letter “i” as in “I like Liverpool” or “Aye, there be booty in thar pirate ship.”

Well, that’s it for now. April is a very busy time of month for us all but we will be sure to bring you more news and reviews. Thank you all for your continued support and we welcome all our new readers as well. You guys are the best.


Faith McAdams
Managing Editor

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