Monthly Editorial – May 2009

The end of April has been a really bad week for us here at Animanga Nation. We lost a most valuable founding member of the publication when we ran Animanga Nation as a print publication in our campus. Those of you who had been following us since our campus days in Southern California knew Terrance Rodriguez from his column, “Letters from a Manga Cafe” and his work as Reviews Editor when I was but a young Managing Editor.

All of us here have fond memories of Terrance. We will always remember him as that young man who was always smiling, laughing uproarously to Clive’s dirty jokes and passed out Naruto manga to kids in the local hospital where he lived. He was the kind of guy that loved anime and manga enough that he offered money from his pocket to fund Animanga Nation’s printing costs. He was a true gentleman and a good friend.

Forgive us for being so depressing. Terrance would not have liked being mourned but rather celebrated for all the things he managed to accomplish at his young age. We will take his advice to enjoy life, read a lot of manga and support anime so the industry can continue to thrive and provide us more entertainment.

Terrance, we will do just that but know that you will be missed by all of us who knew you and all of those who enjoyed your reviews and column.

In the meantime, we will celebrate your life as you said … “Give your readers and site visitors more of everything and do it with a smile.”

Amen to that, my good friend.

Edward Zacharias


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