Enchanter, Vol. 10 – Manga Review


Review by: Clive Owen

Publisher: Digital Manga Publishing
Author: Izumi Kawachi
Genre: Graphic Novel
MSRP: $12.95 US
Rating: YA (Young Adults 16+)
Release Date: Available Now

Eukanaria will not fail to enchant even the most bitter soul.

After the events that unfolded in Volume 9 of Enchanter, waiting for Volume 10 was nothing short of excruciating. It’s entirely your fault, Izumi Kawachi, for weaving such an interesting tale with just about everything you can ask for in a shonen manga. Enchanter is the kind of manga series that takes its long, sweet time to release the next volume but boy oh boy is it worth the wait.

A lot has happened to Haruhiko Kanou since he became an Enchanter and you have to hand it to the kid for being able to juggle High school activities and his duties related to the contract he made with a very cute and buxom demon. In the last volume, he’s even had to fight to save a friend only to lose said friend in the end. The loss of cute and clumsy Mercurio still weighs heavily on Haruhiko’s mind and broken heart as he goes on with his life. In the meantime, the real Mer still holds a grudge against him as we can see in Volume 10.

The question, though, is what can be done with the only thing that remains of the old Mercurio? Where exactly is Mer’s chip? This is a question Haruhiko put on hold, unknowingly, it is Hokuto Kokonoe that begins the search for Mercurio not knowing what fate befell her. Sending Nanaera to search for her, she could only come up with one location … the High school where Haruhiko is currently tending to his duties during the school festival. Following the clue, Hokuto goes to the school only to run into Eukanaria who literally jumps over him.

What follows is an interesting meeting between a young man that dreams of becoming even more skillful than Master Cagliostro and the bubbly child-like demon. The two spend some time in the festival catching goldfish together. Knowing full well what she really is, Hokuto is not only baffled by her but also fascinated by the demon that seems more resourceful than Nanaera (who he still finds annoying). He’s so interested in her that he forgets to ask her about Mercurio.

Eukanaria isn’t the only person Hakuto meets in this volume. In his continued search, he ends up in Yuka’s office. It’s a surprise to see that Yuka bears a striking resemblance to Eukanaria but it becomes clear that Yuka isn’t even a demon. When he begins to bully  Yuka, it is Haruhiko that comes to her defense. Their confrontation gets a bit out of hand and it is clear that these two will not end up as friends anytime soon.

The final chapter is one of the more interesting ones when Eukanaria visits Hokuto in his apartment. Yes, she seems very loopy to him but he finds himself drawn to the beautiful girl. He even hold her hand when Hokuto’s sister drops in to tell him some news that doesn’t sit well with the young man. His sister’s news compels Hokuto to make a surprising request from Eukanaria and later Nanaera.

In the meantime, Haruhiko makes a rather surprising discovery himself when he decides to head back to the lab. Something is definitely not right.

Volume 10 of Enchanter sets the wheels in motion and just gets more interesting as Hokuto draws ever closer to understanding what it is to be an Enchanter. Once again, I’ll find myself hoping Volume 11 was already here and it’s mainly to see what came of Hokuto’s request to Nanaera. If you were’n’t hooked on the series since Volume 9 you will be with Volume 10.


Hokuto Kokonoe doesn’t find Mercurio but he does run into Eukanaria who fascinates and puzzles him at the same time. There’s also an interesting confrontation between Hokuto and Haruhiko as they meet for the first time. Things are really going to change after this volume.

Still just as good as it looked since the first volume, it’s good to see that not much has changed about the art in the series.

Volume 10 of Enchanter is all about Hokuto as this bitter young man comes closer to finding out more about being an Enchanter as well as the fact that not every demon is like Nanaera. Things are certainly goign to get more interesting in the world of Enchanter and we certainly can’t wait for the next volume.

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