Claymore, Chapter 4 – DVD Review


Review by: Sophie Stevens

Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $29.98 US
Running Time: 95 minutes
Genre: Action/Fantasy
Rating: TV MA
Release Date: Available Now

So close yet so far away.

Risking it all in an all-out battle of survival, Clare manages to lose a limb and gain a new one thanks to a Claymore that supports her quest to find the one who had slain the only woman that really meant something  to her. That was but a small part of Chapter 3 as we head into a new chapter that will lead Clare to the person she had been hunting for quite a long time now. Meanwhile, the Claymores are preparing for a war against the Awakened Being. The blood will definitely fly again.

Chapter 4 finds Clare in search of Raki who she had sent off on his own when things looked grim and too dangerous for him back in Chapter 3.  She is determined to find him for a number of reasons but the major one being that she is still trying to figure out what Raki means to her or why she kissed him. Her search leads her to a small town where she discovers the four Claymores are nearby searching for an Awakened Being. When one of the sisters of the blade returns from the missions with severed limbs and near death, the Claymore asks Clare to save her teammates.

Accepting the fact that helping the other Claymores will call attention to her location since she herself is being sought out by the organization, Clare does go into the forest and into the maw of a cave. She discovers that the surviving Claymores are being tortured to the point of “awakening” by an Awakened Being known as Duff and a young girl who is pulling his strings. Once awakened, Duff slays the newly turned Awakened Being as they do to one of the Claymore sisters.

Oh, but Duff is a formidable foe that Clare simply can’t handle on her own as she quickly finds out when she’s badly injured.  Help comes in the form of Galatea, a powerfully gifted Claymore who was ordered to hunt Clare down and bring her before the Council. Of course, there are other pressing matters to attend to first seeing as the Awakened Being is not like the others any Claymore has encountered. How is it that a girl can order it around like a pet? The secret behind the identity of this girl is revealed and it’s a whopper of a revelation that leaves Clare and Galatea stunned.

While Galatea fights  Duff, Clare manages to  find the only Claymore survivor turn into an Awakened Being. This, normally, would have been bad news but somehow the Claymore named Jean hasn’t fully lost her original nature. Saving her from the transformation, Clare pulls off something of a miracle in this one and the pair join Galatea in fighting Duff and the girl in a final bloody showdown. Before the confrontation, however, the girl reveals another tidbit … the Awakened Being named Pricilla that Clare is looking for is somewhere in the north.

Speaking of bloody, a group of Claymores are slaughtered by Awakened Beings that are different. Unfortunately for Clare, her search for Raki is put on hold seeing as her contact finds her and tells her to head north to aid the mission to take on the enemy that wiped out the first team. Interestingly enough, Clare encounters that Jean – the Claymore she just helped revert back to normal – means to follow her around until she repays the debt she owes Clare.

What the pair find in the northern town is an impressive number of Claymores all all levels such as Clare’s “friends” Helen and Deneva as well as the Claymore named Flora who is ranked #8). Surprisingly enough, Miria is back and she’s the leader of the large collection of Claymores present. They break up into teams but this is of little consequence because the powerful Awakened Beings attack. Oh boy is it on!

Claymore, Chapter 4, is a deep and action-packed chapter that is the start of a truly epic storyline the will surely echo into future chapters. The closer Clare gets to her chance for revenge the more dangerous her quest becomes and is clear in these four episodes. Things are definitely going to get interesting in the next chapter of this series.


In her search for Raki, Clare becomes involved in failed mission from of a group of Claymores investigatging rumors of an Awakened Being and a “witch” hiding deep in a cave in the forest. After that mission Clare and a new traveling companion take part in a massive operation to take on even more powerful enemies.

The series still continues to display some gorgeous animation and gruesomely bloody battles. This series really looks great on DVD.

It’s rare to find an anime with strong voice acting in both the original Japanese  as well as English dub. The opening song, performed by Nightmare, is still ten kinds of awesome and the original score is awesome.

Never mind the handful of trailers and the textless opening and closing theme songs, the real treat comes in the form of the inteviews with the series’ Art Director and audio commentary for Episode 16 with Laura Bailey.

Powerful, dramatic and over-the-top action-packed, Chapter 4 pushes an upcoming war that has been brewing for some time now in the Claymore series. Clare finds herself closer to the Awakened Being she has been searching for since we first met her and – of course – this places her in a most deadly position. We are really starting to love this series.


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