Baccano!, Vol. 2 – DVD Review


Reviewer: Sophie Stevens

Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $29.98 US
Running Time: 100 minutes
Genre: Action/Fantasy
Rating: TV MA
Release Date: Available Now

There will be MORE blood.

Oh things are certainly getting stranger aboard the train known as the Flying Pussyfoot. The violent and strange Mexican standoff between thieves, terrorists and the motley crew of interesting characters attempting to survive the train ride. The first volume set up the intriguing events wonderfully enough but it’s Baccano!, Volume 2, that takes us deeper into what is becoming one seriously fun ride.

We met the seemingly cowardly Jacuzzi Splot in the first volume but in Volume 2 he manages to summon the courage to lead his friends through the slaughter carried out by the mysterious men in black and the violent gangsters that work for the vicious Ladd Russo. This is a young guy who cries when he’s nervous, like the time in 1930 when he encountered thugs looking to beat him up.

Meanwhile, the Senator’s wife is taken hostage by the men in black while the boy named Czeslaw hides her daughter in a janitor’s closet. What these men want and their real agenda isn’t clear yet but what is clear is that they mean to use the Senator’s wife to make their demands and there will be bloodshed if their demands aren’t met. Unfortunately, the Senator’s daughter is forced to protect herself when a man in black comes knocking.

On the the other end of the train, however, an entity is slaughtering thugs and the men in black. Could it be the work of the legendary Rail Tracer? It isn’t until Jacuzzi and his friends poke their heads out a windo that they come to realize there there is a Rail Tracer and it definitely isn’t human.

Like past episodes, we jump back in time when Firo becomes a Made Man in the Gammora crime family. During the the ceremony, Firo realizes that something isn’t quite normal when he is pitted against Maizo Avaro in a knife fight. How is it that Maizo’s knife wound suddenly disappears as if nothing happened. Could this have something to do with the events that involve the girl named Ennis and her alchemist master who still wonders what happened to the rest of his colleague’s valuable and mysterious concoction a group of thugs mistook for booze when they assaulted him.

We are also offered a glimpse of how this all started in Episode 7 where we witness the strange and fascinating events that occurred aboard the ship called the Avenna Avis in the year 1711. The episode follows a group of alchemists that summon the Dark Lord that tells them the secret of the Grand Panacea – an elixir that grants eternal life to whoever drinks it. The secret, however, proves to be too much for some of the passengers. Without spoiling the surprises, it becomes clear that the elixir does work because the one who holds the secret looks suspiciously like a gangster we meet in the first volume.

Finally, we get more of Isaac and Miria as the pair are hunted by FBI and the Chicago police force for stealing the inheritance of Eve and Dallas (who is still missing). The duo is just so kooky that we can’t help but love them. Interestingly enough, Eve likes them enough that she let them walk off with her parents’ money and even an emotionless homunculus like Ennis befriends them when the girl saves the pair when they’re attacked by gangsters. They even befriend Jacuzzi … who the two think was swallowed whole by the Rail Tracer.

Baccano! is really shaping up to be one of those rare anime gems that is hard not to like. Slowly, the pieces of this fascinating puzzle are coming together and we can’t wait to see the full picture. Volume 2 of Baccano! is like another helping of your new favorite dish and we cannot wait to sink our teeth into more of this fun series.


The events aboard the Flying Pussyfoot takes a turn for the worst for the passengers. Jumping back in time, we are revealed the secret of the elixir of immortality. Isaac and Miria run into Eve and are later rescued by Ennis who becomes their friend.

The animation is gorgeous and does justice to the era. It’s also quite bloody and the visual effects are awesome.

A solid English dub and original Japanese cast do a great job brining the characters to life. The original score by Makoto Yoshimori is excellent and we love the ending theme, “Calling” by Kaori Oda.

The audio commentary for Episode 7 is just Ok but well appreciated. The rest of the extras come in the form of the usual collection of trailers and clean opening and closing theme songs.

Volume 2 of Baccano! continues what is quickly becoming a deliciously surreal and completely entertaining anime series that is over-the-top fun. If you’re not a fan yet then you will be after this second volume.


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