Tokyo Majin, Part Two: Martial Fist Chapter – DVD Review


Review by: Brenda Gregson

Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $59.98 US
Running Time: 300 minutes
Genre: Supernatural/Action
Rating: TV MA
Release Date: Available Now

The last battle is always the sweetest.

Tokyo Majin is the kind of series that begins with a mystery and slowly – and awkwardly – peels away the layers to reveal what was concealed to us from the first episode. When we finally understand why five High school students with different backgrounds came together to fight a supernatural threat you better believe you’ll be hooked in like a stubborn bass that suddenly finds that shiny lure attached to a hook oh-so inviting. Part Two: Martial Fist Chapter of Tokyo Majin isn’t perfect but it still has enough appeal to make you want to see it through to the end.

After having met the five Magami High students who discovered a hidden power of the Stars of Fate within them, the five students have taken on dangerous supernatural foes as well as a major threat known as the Demonic Horde in Part One. Part Two of Tokyo Majin covers the final 12 episodes entitles the Martial Fist Chapter that takes place after the events of Part One. As things seemed to have calmed down, the students are attacked by a group of highly-trained warriors that claim to be the Twelve Generals of the Martial Fist.

The Martial Fist claim to fight to preserve the peace against demonic enemies but why are they attacking Tatsuma, Kyouichi, Daigo, Aoi and Sakurai? Each one faces off against a General but it’s Tatsuma, Kyouichi and Daigo who have trouble with their oppoents. Kyouichi is even violently defeated by his sword-wielding foe while Diago (and Sakurai) find themselves going up against an enemy named Renji who happens to know Daigo. When Renji manages to threaten Sakurai’s life, Daigo unleashes an even greater power that transforms the wrestler into a remarkable spirit beast. Startling even the likes of tough girl Sakurai, Diago does the unthinkable.

Having murdered guardians belonging to a group known as the 28 Constellations of Kanto, members of the Martial Fist begin to question their motives until the Director of the group reveals himself to Magami High’s guardians. It becomes clear that the Martial Fist was being manipulated and the reason shockes even Tatsuma.

Speaking of Tatsuma, after the Martial Fist story arc concludes, he becomes the center of attention in the rest of the episodes starting with an episode that has the quiet young man befriending Marie Claire – the powerful and wild little girl from Part One – and then experiencing tragedy by the hands of a puppet master-like villain calling himself Chaos.

As one of the five goes on a quest for revenge, the story takes a darker tone although it does manage to sneak in some lighthearted moments that come in the form of Anko (the journalist) and all the other characters that had but a minor role in Part One. The characters are fleshed out a bit more in this second chapter and when the final major threat is introduced it leads to an impressive battle that involves all of the characters that have become allies of the five. The result is a fight that literally tears Tokyo apart and yes a few familiar characters die.

The 2-disc set also includes two extra episodes, although their inclusion – while much appreciated – really doesn’t add a whole lot to the big picture or the ending. One story basically gives a peek into Kyouichi’s life after having become an orphan and how his life intersects with the others. In the second extra episode, the graduating class is putting on a play (a unique version of Romeo and Juliet). While it’s a fun little story, if definitely doesn’t add anything. Oh, and the ending of the main story just doesn’t  add much either, by the way. It leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

I would like to say that the fina chapter of Tokyo Majin, Part Two: Martial Fist Chapter is an excellent one but it is far from perfect. In the end, Tokyo Majin as a whole is an action-packed bloody good time that started off interestingly and ends with an impressive battle before the so-so finale ruins things. Part Two isn’t shy when it comes to the eye-catching violence and there are surprises aplenty but it’s hard to ignore the fact that the ending leaves much to be desired. Still, you’ll have a blast with Tokyo Majin.


The Martial Fist chapter is certainly one of the more action-packed story arcs of this series and it certainly is a more darker final chapter with an unimpressive finale. As the young students of Magami High go up against a group dedicated to bringing justice, a hidden threat will reunite all those touched by the Stars of Fate in a massive battle that could end up destroying Tokyo.

Tokyo Majin is gruesomely violent and the gory animation simply doesn’t disappoint. The fight scenes look great as well so there’ a lot to like about the visuals.

A solid voice acting cast for both the English dub and Japanese versions but the advantage goes to the Japanese cast in my book. The closing theme song, “Hanafubuki,” by ACID is still great to hear and the new ACID opening song called “Prayer” is better than Part One’s awful opening tune.

There are only a few trailers and there’s the textless opening and closing theme songs. The two extra episodes are the best extra features.

Part Two of Tokyo Majin is darker if not slightly disjointed final chapter that still manages to be appealing despite its flaws. It’s good to see that the gory action is back and the characters are a tad more fleshed out this time around but – as far as the ending is concerned – the series doesn’t end as grand as it should have.


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