Monthly Editorial – June 2009

Hi everyone, Clive Owen here with this month’s editorial.

Alas, our gummy bear-loving Managing Editor was going to be the one filling this space seeing as she’s (A) the Managing Editor; (B) super cute; (C) good at filling in for our Editor-in-Chief when he’s away and (D) the only one who has access to all your e-mails that she tries to answer. Unfortunately, our Chief and Managing Editor are busy preparing for all the work that tomorrow will bring when E3 2009 hits the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Wait a minute, what “work?” E3 is the biggest event for video games and they call that work? It’s more like them running around the convention floor like kids playing every new video game that will be coming out in the coming year. If that’s what they call work then sign me up, baby. Have fun working, you guys, while the rest of sit in our office sticking pins in our home-made voodoo dolls Ai Kano made of the two of you.

Ok, that’s fine seeing as we will be running around the same convention floor next month when AXE 2009 comes into town. We hope to see all of you there but just in case you can’t make it we will be happy to bring you plenty of coverage and pictures. Since the entire crew is going we will be really bringing in the coverage.

By the way, I heard a bit of gossip from a friend working at a studio I can’t mention but the rumor has it that – thanks to the Dragon Ball Z movie – said studio is very very very interested in making a live-action Robotech movie … the Robotech with Rick Hunter as the protagonist. The same studio friend said he heard whispers of a live- action Bleach movie heading for Japan. She mentioned that in Japan, Bleach has had live-action events before such as a musical so a movie would definitely make sense.

I don’t know if these rumors are true but that would be so super cool, wouldn’t it? I actually though Dragon Ball Evolution wasn’t so bad but it definitely wasn’t the Dragon Ball Z movie we had all wanted it to be seeing is it’s downright nearly impossible to capture all the elements in a live-action feature. I mean, even the first two Death Note movies had to change things around to fit the big screen’s standards.

Anyway, thank you for reading my rambling rant. Believe me when I say that we love what we do for Animanga Nation and will continue to do it seeing as our readers are growing and growing. Thank you again and here’s hoping we get to see all of you at AXE 2009.


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