Shin Chan, Season 2 Part 2 – DVD Review


Review by: Edward Zacharias
Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $39.98 US
Running Time: 300 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Rating: TV MA
Release Date: Available Now

A second serving of one super happy bastard of a good time.

In a network programming schedule filled with portly insane dads and schools filled with potty-mouthed kids that make Tourette’s Syndrome seem tame, Shin Chan is like a refreshing breath of fresh air for animated comedy fans. Filled with witty humor that pokes fun of everything, the show is easily one of the more unique ones that won’t fail to make you laugh out loud more than once.

Faith McAdams was right about Part 1 of Season 2 being absolutely hysterically funny in way that goes well beyond the humor of shows like The Family Guy or South Park. Season Two is actually a great season for Shin Chan and the first part shows it and Part 2 continues the routine with shorts that lead to a funny conclusion and some that even connect with each another later in the season. For example, the High School Years story that began in Part 1 ends in Episode 40 (the first episode) of Part 2. We see Shin and his friends in High school, although you wouldn’t know that by looking at them. It’s not two-episode laugh fest (although it’s a riot seeing a Shin and his friends trying to climb up to their desk) but it is a sweet little story about Shin as a boxer giving up his sport for the love of a girl.

The episodes in the second part then go back to the usual wacky antics that once again find Shin annoying his classmates from the Super Happy Fun Time American School. In one episode, Penny finds herself drawn to Action Bastard’s female sidekick named Lollipop and attempts to recreate Lollipop’s coolest moment from the show only to be disappointed by the boy’s interpretation. Poor Penny then becomes the victim of Ai’s realistic view of what married life would be like if Penny married the Hillary Clinton-bashing Georgie. Speaking of Georgie, it’s fun to see how quickly he gets annoyed by Shin’s antics, especially one day when Shin invites his friends over for lunch, tries to put up with him during a sleepover and even a day at the library turns out embarrassing to this kid.

Shin and his classmates even offer their teacher their own brand of therapy that makes her realize how pathetic her life is and, in another episode, jump to the conclusion that Penny’s mom might be pregnant again. The best episodes have Shin actually inspiring two adults to do their best and never give up. In one episode he coaches Yu, who dreams of auditioning for a big shot talent agent, in not only believing in herself but also doing the best she could no matter what. In another episode he helps school dropout Yonro to believe in himself even though he’s a loser.

Chasing the ladies is what Shin does best as well and he does so in Part 2 as he flirts with a cowgirl when he and his family take a vacation to a country-themed vacation spot. He also attempts to impress his favorite hottie named Nanako by taking up jogging. Meanwhile, Mitzi has a major crush of her own on the star of Action Bastard spin-off, Biker Bastard and even goes as far as meeting him during an autograph session at the mall. When not emasculating her husband, Hiro, she is role-playing with Shin and keeping her father from berating her husband and children.

Part 1 of Season 2 also introduced Shin’s clearly insane kendo teacher who believes he is Dildor, a warrior king from another world prepared to save Earth. Mitzi has dreams of Shin becoming a sports star because of her son’s dedication to kendo. It isn’t until she attends one of Shin’s “classes” that she realizes that the instructor is a few tacos shorts of a combination platter. Somehow the instructor even drags Shin’s French neighbor along and then Shin’s friends when they drop in to check out Shin in action. To Mitzi’s surprise, Shin’s unusual skills even lead him to compete in a kendo tournament. It’s something of a miracle that Shin and his instructor are taken seriously.

Like the first part of Season 2, the jokes have been updated but still just as quick-witted and, as I mentioned earlier, pokes fun at everything from conservatives to an outsider’s view of Japan. Of course, the uncut episodes include profanity and blue material that goes well beyond the fart jokes. Shin Chan’s style makes for some memorable but bite-sized segments. The cast of the show is certainly a big reason why the humor in the show is top notch. I definitely do enjoy the episodes on DVD rather than watching them on television.

Shin Chan, Season 2 Part 2’s 13 episodes are loads of fun that completes the season in the best possible way. While I liked Part 1 more than this second part, anyone who enjoys a more mature sense of humor and loads of snappy potty-mouthed dialogue will not help but really like Shin Nohara. Trust me; you don’t even have to like anime to love this show so definitely pick this one up right away.


Cheerfully chasing hotties, annoying his conservative Ronald Reagan-loving classmate Georgie, inspiring college dropouts and becoming a true kendo master, Shin

Shin Chan isn’t the prettiest animated series on the block but that doesn’t mean we don’t like how it looks. Thankfully this series isn’t all about the sight gags, although Shin’s famous ass dance is still funny.

Once again, the series manages to outdo itself with the smartly written jokes and potty humor. The uncut episodes mean profanity, which makes this a different viewing experience from the Adult Swim televised version.

There’s an audio commentary track for Episode 51 with four voice actors that includes Brina Palencia and Colleen Clinkenbeard that’s actually just as fun to watch as the episode itself. The return of the From the Bowels of the Booth feature with alternate takes and bloopers as well as original storyboards. Along with the trailers there’s a music video from the Shin crew of a song called “Long Grey Winter.”

Outrageously crude and considerably off-the-wall crazy, Season 2 Part 2 of Shin Chan continues to be one of the most original and outright hilarious animated comedies around. While Part 1 of this second season definitely has more laugh-out-loud jokes, Part 2 doesn’t disappoint in the very least and even more seeing as the episodes are uncut and way too much fun to pass up.


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