Claymore, Chapter 5 – DVD Review



Review by: Sophie Stevens
Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $29.98 US
Running Time: 100 minutes
Genre: Action/Fantasy
Rating: TV MA
Release Date: Available Now

The breaking of the sisterhood.

Like the Claymore that rescued and cared for her, Clare had often preferred taking on her assignments solo. It isn’t until she saves a boy named Raki that Clare finds comfort in being with others but, in the end, still feels so far apart from her fellow sisters of the blade. Interestingly enough, as she is given assignments with other Claymores, Clare finds herself making a stand with her sisters in an unpredictably difficult battle against a mysterious group of Awakened Beings.

In the last two episodes of Chapter 4, Clare finds herself joining some familiar faces such as Deneva, Miria and a few other Claymores she met along her journey to a mission in the far north. In this little town of Pieta, an impressive collection of Claymores are suddenly attacked by the same Awakened Beings that had torn other fellow sisters in half. Let by different captains, the girls not only manage to hold their own in the battle but also manage to defeat these unusual breed of Awakened Beings. Even Clare is amazed by their skill in combat.

Aside from the powerful Miria, there are captains that make an impression on the other ladies among their squad and even more so when one of them uses as much her Yokai powers to its limit. Dispatching the first wave of Awakened Beings, the girls even begin to form bonds with each another and there are moments in the first two episodes of this four-episode chapter that show an almost tender side that is unlike these girls that seldom show intense emotions in front of each another. There’s a scene where a captain – after putting up a brave front – begins to weep only to find comfort in a fellow sister of the blade.

Unfortunately, not every girl forms a sisterly bond when a Claymore confronts Clare about her new arm. Clare is forced to reveal that the arm’s owner, Elena, has given it to her to carry out her important and very personal mission to hunt the Awakened Being named Priscilla. While the Claymore backs off after Clare’s explanation, it’s the thought of seeing the mission through that is more worrisome. Knowing they would be hit again by another wave of Awakened Beings, many Claymores begin to think that this is nothing more than a suicide mission.

Meanwhile, Raki continues his search for Clare. Sporting a sword and a more confident attitude, the young man finds himself heading north thanks to a few rumors about Claymores spotted in the snowy region. His travels take him to an abandoned village where he saves a young girl that silently clings to Raki. The girl named Priscilla is traveling with a swordsman named Isley. Deciding to travel with them after meeting Pieta villagers that have been evacuated by the Claymores, Raki makes a most startling discovery about the cute young girl that has taking a liking to him.

Oh, and he makes an even more shocking discovery about Isley … the same man he begged to train him in the art of the sword. Is this man connected with what’s going on in Pieta? We also meet a stranger named Rigaldo who makes his way to the village and transforms into a known Awakened Being that begins one of this series’ most bloody and vicious battles. This series has always been violent but these four episodes up the gore factor considerable. It’s also one of the more action-packed chapters as well.

Chapter 5 of Claymore raises the bar in terms of the violent action that makes this chapter one of the more exhilarating one so far. Aside from the attention-grabbing battles, there’s an emotional tone that makes the final moments of Episode 22 a truly powerful episode and another good chapter.



The Claymore sisters put up one spectacular battle against Awakened Beings that are nothing they ever fought before and manage to survive … that is until their enemy’s ringleader shows up and changes things for the worst. Meanwhile, Raki’s search for Clare comes to a short stop when he meets to mysterious travelers.

The battles in this Chapter are by far the most visceral and outstanding animation as well as the more bloodier. Even the cover is super awesome.

I like the original Japanese language track but I really love the English dub for the outstanding performances from an impressive cast. The opening and closing songs are still on the top of my favorite song list.

Once again, we find the usual assortment of Trailers and textless songs but you have to love the interview with Nobukito Sue (Kusanagi) and the audio commentary for Episode 19.

Claymore, Chapter 5, is an over-the-top, action-packed and shockingly ultra violent four episodes that brings Clare a bit closer to her quest for revenge. At the same time, she finds herself joining her sisters of the sword in a battle they all knew they might not survive but boy oh boy do they put up quite a fight. This is another chapter of Claymore that continues have us glued to our screens.


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