Baccano!, Vol. 3 – DVD Review


Review by: Edward Zacharias

Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $29.98 US
Running Time: 100 minutes
Genre: Action/Fantasy
Rating: TV MA
Release Date: Available Now

Villains and heroes aboard the Flying Pussyfoot.

Things just keep getting weirder and more interesting aboard the train that seemed to have been destined for doom the very minute is left the station. With a standoff between a mysterious group of terrorists in black and an overly psychotic collection of gangsters in white, things have turned sour but add a vicious monster known as the Rail Tracer and an immortal and you have a surreal-yet-captivating fight for survival. Baccano! is just that kind of series and as we reach the third volume we just can’t take our eyes off it.

If one thing can be said about the series, Baccano! can never be accused of being linear. It jumps timelines in a way that it shows us events that don’t seem to make sense until more layers of the story are revealed in the present. It’s like a magician that shows us the rabbit and makes it disappear into his hat instead of starting with an empty hat and pulling said rabbit out. In Volume 3, more layers are revealed as the Episode 9 begins with the aftermath of what went on aboard the Flying Pussyfoot. We meet Rachel, the girl clad in green military attire who slipped out of the window of the dining cart when the men in black and the gangsters in white started the fight. As it turns out, Rachel just happens to work for the information brokers that pose as a newspaper office.

Rachel begins to tell her side of the story and explains just what happened when she climbed out the window with a knife in her mouth. In the last volume, we know Rachel caught a glimpse of the Rail Tracer as it crawled along the side of the train but what we don’t know is that Rachel decides to play hero by attempting to rescue the kidnapped Senator’s wife and her young daughter.

Meanwhile, we meet a male conductor by the name of Claire Stanfield who slays a fellow conductor and one of Ladd Russo’s men that got his conductor’s uniform from Claire’s mentor. The slaying is brutal and bloody and as the second man dies we come to realize that this young man named Claire is a human monster. I don’t think I have to spell it and I’m not spoiling anything by telling you that Claire is the monster that has been lurking outside the train slaughtering the men in black and the men in white. As Claire continues his massacre, we get a glimpse of his past that includes his ties to the Gandor family.

Speaking of the Gandor brothers, the series jumps back in time as Eve, who is still searching for her brother Dallas, meets the Gandors and makes a startling discovery about them. Jumping a year back we come to see that the Gandors have been targeted by another crime family and head out to meet them when Szilard Quates and Ennis beat them to it. Szilard, you see, happens to know Maizo and as Firo chases Ennis, the immortal battles Maizo. It seems that the older immortal is searching for the crate filled with bottles of the elixir that find themselves in the possession of a group of hoodlums. In a comical chance meeting, the crate filled with elixir is stolen by none other than Isaac and Miria!

Then there’s the boy, Czeslaw who meets with Ladd Russo to ask him a favor that surprises even this cold-blooded psycho. Ladd’s response is equally surprising but things don’t end there for the kid as the mystery behind him is revealed just a little. Speaking of Ladd, he comes face-to-face with the Rail Tracer as well as a girl named Chane who works with the men in black. The fight between the three is one of the most electrifying moments in the series. The outcome is also one of the more surprising as well.

Baccano, Volume 3, is by far one of the best volumes in this series so far and we can tell that this series is just getting warmed up. As some of the mysteries are still yet to be revealed, a good part of it finally becomes a tad clearer. This is definitely one wild train ride that just doesn’t seem to be running out of steam anytime soon. That’s absolutely Ok with us, though.



The mystery that is the Rail Tracer is finally revealed as the Flying Pussyfoot barrels towards its destination. While the series still stumbles awkwardly between different timelines, we learn a lot about various characters including the kid named Czeslaw. Jacuzzi steps up at bat to face the men in black while Ladd Russo gets even more psychotic as he battles the Rail Tracer.

This is one seriously pretty and gruesome anime series and you’ll be glad to see that the animation is handled flawlessly throughout. We couldn’t have asked for better action scenes.

The Japanese voice acting is some of the best but since the series takes place in 1930s America it’s the English dub voices that are far more effective in telling the story just right. Besides, the voice cast is awesome and the music is as exciting as the action.

A few trailers here and a few clean opening and closing theme song options there and you get the extras we normally get with any FUNimation feature. The highlight here, though are the juice extras that come in the form of audio commentary for Episode 9.

One of the more satisfyingly energetic and gripping volumes in this strange-yet-compelling anime series, Volume 3 of Baccano! will have you on the edge of your seat and loving every minute of it. Yes, this does sound like high praise but by the time the first episode of Volume 3 is over you will see what I mean. This one is definitely not for the squeamish either.


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