AX 2009: Right Stuf/Nozomi Entertainment Panel


Written by Clive Owen

Right Stuf CEO, Shawne Kleckner would like for you to buy more anime.

Thanks to an unstable economy, anime sales have slowed down considerably for the good folks at Right Stuf. Still, all news on the Right Stuf and Nozomi Entertainment front is not all bad. There are a number of releases coming up including the return of an anime classic.

Klechner showcased a few of the upcoming titles including the possibility of releasing a very few of them in the Blu-ray format (although  nothing is confirmed yet for the next year or so but the possibility has fans excited). Aria fans also have something to cheer about for those who love lithographs.

Apart from the announced titles, Klechner touched on various subjects including fan dubs and streaming (although he mentioned that Nozomi Entertainment will be streaming anime via the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and other online outlets).

Without further ado, here are a few of the titles we can come to expect from them:

July 28, 2008  – The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, The Remastered DVD Collection

October 2008 – Astro Boy, Vol.1 and Astro Boy, Vol. 2 (the 1963 original)

November 2008 – Rental Magica

Here are also a few that don’t have an exact date but we can come to expect them in 2010.

* Maria Watches Over Us, Season 4

* Aria, The Origination + the OVA “Arietta”

* Antique Bakery

* Junjo Romantica

As I mentioned, Aria fans can look forward to a series of lithographs. Rigtht Stuf will allow fans to pick one of the four designs showcased and then print a very limited number of them. If they sell well, more will be printed.

Right Stuf/Nozomi Entertainment definitely has a number of surprises headed our way too so all we can do is wait for them to bring us new anime and classics at a great price .


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