AX 2009 News – Bandai Entertainment Panel: Anime


Written by: Clive Owen

Bandai kicked off their panel by announcing a number of upcoming releases for their anime line that even includes the Blu-ray format. Sure, we loved the idea that Bandai has teamed up with Lantis, a music company with such amazing Japanese talents like Aya Hirano and CooRie among others to release said music here on our shores as well as via iTunes next month. Yes, we even loved the news that Bandai will also stream some anime via YouTube (they’re currently streaming Kurokami episodes).

What we loved more, however, is the fact that there are some amazing titles coming our way including a few surprising releases. As I mentioned, there are even titles available on the Blu-ray format, like Sword of the Stranger out now. Here’s a taste of what you can expect anime-wise:


Code Geass, Lelouch of the Rebellion R2  – Expect a DVD release sometime this August while the first part is being shown on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming on Saturdays.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 – Playing on AniMonday on the SciFi Channel but expect a Season 1, Part 1 DVD box set (and Special Edition version) on July 21, 2009.

Gurren Lagann LE Box Set and Bilingual Version coming our way this year.

Lucky Star (OVA) with original Japanese audio coming the first week of August at a $14.95 retail price.

Hayate: The Combat Butler, Part 1 Box Set  – Release date July 21 at a $39.98 retail price. We’re told there will be 8 volumes total.

.hack//GU Trilogy – With an August release and a $19.98 retail price.

True Tears  – Set for a July 2009 release as part of Bandai’s Anime Legends line and will retail at $39.98.

Sola  – Set for an August 2009 release as part of the Anime Legends line in a 3-disc set and will retail at $44.98.

Eureka Seven, Complete Series  – Release Date July 2009.

While we’re talking about Eureka Seven, Bandai made a special announcement that made my eyes fall out of their sockets (don’t worry, I popped them back in) … there’s going to be an Eureka Seven Movie. That’s right, Renton and Eureka are back and they’ll be on the big screen one night only on Sept. 24 at very specific theaters across the US. Tickets go on sale this August and we will give more details before they go on sale. Trust me, the movie looks amazing and if you’re an Eureka Seven fan you will be very surprised at this sort of re-telling.

Anyway, that’s the scoop. Our Editor-in-Chief has the Bandai Entertainment manga news and will be giving you the scoop on that front. We are definitely looking forward to all the things Bandai has planned for us.

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