Monthly Editorial Part 2 – July 2009: AX 2009, Day 2

Faith McAdams here, your exhausted-but-still-very-excited Managing Editor. This being our second day at AX 2009, we thought we would dig some more news for you all and boy do we have some news. Yes, it’s exhausting but we do it because we love it and we love all of you.

I mean it! We all individually met a number of Animanga Nation readers and it was so wonderful to hear all your words of encouragement. I would like to thank Marie Dobbs who came all the way from Boston U to be at AX and for the cute plushie you gave me. Marie cosplayed as Nami from One Piece. We had a picture taken with her but my darn camera broke from the many times it fell on the floor. That’s the last time I buy a digital camera from the Paris Hilton line.

Anyway, because I’m a HUGE Morning Musume fan, I was able to attend the concert dragging Clive to the show. They’re not his cup of tea but something about cute Japanese girls dancing made the guy cheer louder than I did. He won’t admit it but he loved the show even more than I did. I did feel sorry for the girls who were sweating bullets. I don’t know how the summers are in Japan but I’m sure they never felt anything like the heat in LA.

Clive did get some shots from his camera phone of our friends at FUNimation Entertainment who, we regret, weren’t able to attend their panel. I’m seriously kicking myself but I had appointments I couldn’t get out of at the same time. Here are some shots of their awesome booth.

FUNimation! We love you!!!

FUNimation! We love you!!!

Look’s like it’s back to school at FUNimation as well.

Our kind of summer school!

Our kind of summer school!

Clive is a huge Afro Samurai fan and if you are too there’s plenty of Afro Samurai art in the Artist Corner. Check it out …



Anyway, back to the scene, folks. We’ll definitely have more news and stuff headed your way. By the way, I got to check out a bit of the Gurren Lagann movie and I think it rocks! I cannot wait for it to come out  … among other surprises.

If you happen to see five or so kids in black suits and black ties, that’s us so please say hello. We loved meeting you guys and it made us happy to hear your words of encouragement.

Lots of love,
   Faith McAdams

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