AX 2009 News – FUNimation Entertainment Panel


Written by: Faith McAdams

It’s Day 3 at AX 2009 and today is the day our friends at FUNimation Entertainment dropped a massive bomb on those who showed up to their panel. The explosion left us rattled and disoriented. The aftermath of said announcements also left us very excited thanks to some surprising developments … one of which occurred live in front of us.

To start things off, we found out that the FUNimation online portal has been improved and it’s better than ever. If you haven’t checked it out, please do right here at … You can also check out FUNimation episodes via YouTube as well as VOD through your Comcast digital cable provider. So there’s plenty of ways to catch up to your favorite FUNimation titles.

Those who love Afro Samurai will also love some of the shirts they had on display so expect those some time soon.

Oh, but the best news happens to be the new DVD releases headed our way. FUNimation also hinted at more Blu-ray releases. If you haven’t checked them out, you will be pleasantly surprised how good anime looks in the Blu-ray format.

Here is a taste of what we can expect from FUNimation Entertainment including my thoughts and, finally, our breaking news. Lets’ start …


* Kaze No Sigma, Vol. 1  –  The 12-episode first volume will be headed our way this July 7. We will have a review for you up on that day too as well. It retails at $59.98.

* Fullmetal Alchemist, Premium OVA Collection  –  This is looking like the ultimate Must Have for Fullmetal fans seeing as this OVA brings us Ed and Al like we never seen them before. Expect this one on August 4, 2009 at a retail price of $14.98.

* Big Wind Up, Complete Series – Part 1   –  Our Editor-in-Chief couldn’t stop raving about this baseball anime. This first part will bring the first 13 episodes atg a retail price tag of $59.98.

* Gunslinger Girl II Teatrino, Complete Series  –  I think I let out a loud squeal at the panel when I heard this one. Expect the 13-episode collection this August 18 at a retail price of $59.98.

* Sgt. Frog, Season One – Part 1   –  If the Gunslinger Girl news made me squeal, the Sgt. Frog announcement made Clive yell with delight. Expect this comedy anime from the creators of Gundam on September 22 with a price of $59.98.

* Evangelion: you are (not) alone  –  This one comes in three versions with version 1.0 heading our way to certain movie theaters soon. We can expect version 1.01 on DVD this fall and then version 1.11 in Blu-ray and DVD in Spring of 2010. We saw the trailer and loved it.

* Sands of Destruction  – The DVD will be released with the Nintendo DS version of the game at the same time in Spring of 2010. The gamer girl in me screamed with delight.

*Slayers Revolution –  This one of of the many bombs that FUNimation dropped that excited not only us but everyone in the room. The anime has been cast and it’s an impressive cast, I must say. Expect a release some time in 2010. The way I see it, that’s not soon enough but we will happily wait for it.

* Dragon Ball, Season One  – Oh my God, at last we can finally enjoy the uncut and remastered first season that started it all. The trailer looks amazing and it promises to be just as good as past box sets of this series. Fans went crazy when this one was dropped on us. Expect it to come out on September 15, 2009. All 31 episodes in a set priced at $49.98.


During the course of the panel, some exclusive news was brought to everyone’s attention. The news is just as good as the thought of getting our hands on Dragon Ball, Season One and Slayers Revolution.

As of today’s date, FUNimation Entertainment just acquired fan favorite … Sengoku Basara! That’s right, expect to find Sengoku Basara, from the always amazing Production I.G., to be released through FUNimation. Just like the fans, this bit of news has us extremely excited and we cannot wait for this one to be released.

Anyway, that’s the news that has us definitely looking forward to all of these amazing titles heading our way.


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