Rosario + Vampire, Vol. 6 – Manga Review





Review by: Clive Owen

Publisher: VIZ Media
Author: Akihisa Ikeda
Genre: Graphic Novel (Shonen Jump Advanced)
MSRP: $7.99 US
Rating: T+ (Older Teen)
Release Date: Now available

Blood, sweat and tears in Yokai Academy.

You just have to love a series with different monsters in each volume, cute girls, a generous serving of fan service and fights that are progressively getting more violent. The best part, however, is that the stories are now connecting with each another to make for a bigger and better main story. Volume 6 of Rosario + Vampire is definitive proof of this as the life of an average student going to a High school filled with monsters is going to getting a lot more complex in the best way possible.

In the last volume, Tsukune is jumped by a group of monsters known simply as monstrels that hate the pure breed of monster that goes to Yokai Academy. Among the students they hate, Tsukune is on the top of their list for all the rumors flying around the school that Tsukune is responsible for defeating a number of rivals. They attack, leaving Moka no choice but to infuse the injured boy with more of her vampiric blood. The result was a powerfully energized Tsukune defeating the monstrels.

Oh, but the defeat is seen as a disappointment to a monstrel named Kusabi Mido who decides to finally intervene and show Tsukune the full extent of his monstrel power. Before Mido unleashes his plan to kill Tsukune, the young human shows notable injuries that his transformation caused him. It worries Kurumu who quickly connects the dots between Tsukune’s battle and something Moka might have done to him. Yes, we know she has a monster crush (no pun intended) on him but it becomes considerably evident in this volume that she really loves him more than even she ever expected. She even lashes out on Moka.

When Mido does unleash his plan, it works because he intelligently kidnaps Moka when the girl lets her guard down while reflecting on how her relationship with Tsukune is hurting him. Tsukune, in the meantime, is confronted by Mido and the rest of his gang of monstrels. Unfortunately, Tsukune finds himself on the receiving end of a serious beat down as he turns to the “Other Moka” for assistance. Speaking of Moka’s other half, she has always helped Tsukune for her softer side’s sake but it becomes clear that this side of the vampire girl wants to know what she means to him? I won’t get into it but Tsukune’s response is really surprising.

Moka also makes a startling announcement to Tsukune concerning the “blood transfusions” she’s been giving him but during the course of the battle, it’s clear that Tsukune is giving her no choice but to accept her blood. The outcome, however, doesn’t have the exact same effect as the last time because Tsukune’s transformation takes a bad turn. How bad, you might ask? Let’s just say that he becomes an unstoppable force that gives Moka no choice but to take care of the problem violently. It’s a shockingly emotional moment that even alarms Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore.

Before things get even more uglier, a returning character saves the day to pay back the group for having aided her a little while back in a previous volume. Tsukune finds himself reverting back to his old self again, not really realizing how close he was to meeting his fate. The funny thing is that he has somebody watching over him, pulling him out of horrifying situations more than once. While he knows who put him in this situation, Tsukune hopes to see Moka again but the girl is finally convinced that being around him is dangerous. Unfortunately, this is the perfect opportunity for another attack on Moka. It’s a cliffhanger ending that means things are going to get very ugly again so quickly after a bloody confrontation.

Things are certainly getting very interesting and very dark in the world of Rosario + Vampire as Volume 6 pushes the situation into a bloody conflict. Blood is definitely shed but feeling also come up that begins to reveal something even more interesting than the great fight scenes that make each panel jump to life. In other words, Rosario + Vampire is heading into new territory fans of this manga will not fail to keep you reading.



Having faced off against the monstrels with the aid of Moka, Tsukune is targeted yet again but this time by the gang’s leader that wants revenge. Using a captured Moka as bait, Tsukune is ambushed and placed in a very deadly situation that you won’t see coming. Later, it’s Moka who becomes the new target of another attack.

This is one of the more visually stunning volumes in the Rosario + Vampire series as well as one of the more bloodier ones too. The fight scenes really make each panel a visual treat.

Volume 6 of Rosario + Vampire is an unexpectedly darker, bloodier and more action-filled volume that’s an interesting change of pace that deviates from the usual monster-of-the-month volumes. With a story that now branches into other volumes, the upcoming volumes promises to be exceedingly gripping and well worth the wait.


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