Welcoming A New Member of the Family: Comic Revolution

In our household, you were either reading Hawthorne out loud before dinner or reading quietly in our favorite room in our home. Of course, my tastes ran more towards manga than my young sister who preferred comics such as Justice League of America or X-Men.

Funny thing is that my sister, one of the most girliest girls I know (next to Sophie Stevens), loved guy comics. At our school, she had boys hanging on her every word as she talked comics and one of her first jobs was working at a comic book store (where I bought most of my manga at half price … score!). She loves Wolverine and loves comics with plenty of gore. This from a girl who was a cheerleader in Middle School and High School. How can a girl that loves shopping, shoes and was a contender for Miss Teen California love horror comics and Sin City with a passion?

I think what I’m trying to say is that my sister, Eden, is the perfect choice to be the Editor-in-Chief for Comic Revolution. A new blog site dedicated to reviewing comics. While Animanga Nation covers the manga and anime front. Comic Revolution will dedicate itself to this front so if your interests also include comics that aren’t manga then Comic Revolution will have you covered. Also, our own Faith McAdams will have a hand in keeping Comic Revolution busy.

Here’s hoping that Comic Revolution will have a long and happy life.

You can find Comic Revolution on our Blog Roll but I’m including the link right here on WordPress:


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