Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks – DVD Review


Review by: Edward Zacharias

Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $9.98 US
Running Time: 48 minutes
Genre: Action
Rating: TV PG
Release Date: Available Now

The fearless and amazing Trunks.

Everyone has a favorite Dragon Ball Z character and in this series there are a number of them that not only manage to stand out but they also bring something to the story. For me, the character that rises above his father’s shadow to become a character that is worthy of his own special is Trunks. If you followed the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z series loyally or even casually you’ll know who Trunks is and why he makes Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks a truly remarkable special.

In the beginning of the special, we witness the passing of one of the greatest heroes to be worthy of the Super Saiyan label. He was Goku and Trunks was but an infant at the time as those that knew Goku mourned the loss. At the same time, however, two of Doctor Gero’s most dangerous and out-of-control artificial life forms decides to attack Peppertown without mercy. With Goku dead, the rest of the Super Saiyans decide to fight the lethal pair. One by one, the heroes fall at the android’s feet. Witness as Piccolo, Yamucha and Kuririn die. Finally, Trunks own father, Vegeta, meets his fate.

Several years pass and a young Trunks still harbors hatred for the two androids that killed his father. Both Number 17 and Number 18 continue their path of destruction and they become an even powerful and unstoppable force that aims their anger at all humans. As Trunks sets out to fight them, he is encountered by Gohan, son of Goku, who stops the youngster from getting himself killed. Instead, Trunks ask Gohan to train him to become a Super Saiyan and Gohan agrees.

I have to say that The History of Trunks stays far away from any cheesy training montages nor does it kill the pace of the special by dragging on Trunk’s training with Gohan. His training scene is brief and touching as Trunks not only comes to appreciate his master’s words but also tries to fill his father’s shoes. Having been an infant at the time of Vegeta’s death, he wonders what his father was like and wonders if he would ever make a mark on the world in the same way.

When the androids attack the city again, Gohan rushes off with Trunks and a battle in an amusement park breaks out. It’s a brutal fight that shows the awesome power of Number 17 and Number 18 who manage to not only defeat the two heroes but nearly kill Gohan. Badly injured, Gohan attempts another confrontation … only this time he leaves Trunks behind. In another massive battle, Trunks manages to reach his master only to watch the great hero’s defeat. It is here that Trunks summons his true strength.

I won’t get into what happens in this memorable fight only that it’s conclusion doesn’t have a typical ending. If anything, the ending is actually quite surprising. What I will say is that in its short length, The History of Trunks manages to cram in enough good action sequences that are animated brilliantly enough to be exciting. I’ve seen some Dragon Ball Z battles that was too chaotic to make sense of what was going on and other scenes that are burned forever in a fan’s mind … the fights in this DVD definitely fall under the Most Memorable Battles category.

Trunks has always been a favorite Dragon Ball Z character of mine and the reasons for this can be seen in The History of Trunks as the boy pushes himself to his very limits to live up to his father’s name as well as the training of his master. While the story is on the short side, this feature makes for it with intense fight scenes true to the Dragon Ball Z label and a great ending that shows that not every battle is a victory for the good guys.


Doctor Gero’s powerful android duo has begun their attack on the city in a time when its great hero has fallen. Even with other Super Saiyans getting thrashed, a boy named Trunks swears to avenge those who had fallen victim to the androids. With Gohan as his mentor, Trunks puts up one hell of a battle.

The newly remastered and digital restored video quality is outstanding and that’s definitely a very good thing. Dragon Ball Z fans will definitely thank FUNimation for the loving care they placed on this transfer.

Our love is for the original Japanese cast with the original Japanese audio despite the fact that the English dub isn’t bad. The opening theme song is still one of my favorites. Everyone sing it with me: “Cha-La-Head-Cha-La!”

Aside from the fact that the DVD includes the original Japanese audio as well as the ability to watch it with the English voice cast and Japanese soundtrack if you like it that way, there are a few scattered trailers to watch.

The History of Trunks is like a short but intense ride that will have you cheering all the way to the very end and as far as Dragon Ball Z episodes or specials are concerned this is Trunk’s finest moment. Considering its short length, the awesome fight scenes and great price tag is enough for casual Dragon Ball Z fans and the more loyal fans will want to buy. This is one DVD that shouldn’t be missed.


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