Monthly Editorial – December 2009

A lot has happened to us this year … a lot of it bad and a lot of it good. Well, mostly it has been good and it is thanks to all of you. If it seems that all we do is thank our readers know it is because you have given us a place to voice our opinions and our thoughts. Without you, Animanga Nation, Comic Revolution and our new little brother, Game Frontline, would never have survived.

As this is our last Editorial of 2009, we promise to continue bringing you all more of everything in 2010. We are now a small yet strong publishing company with our own building that houses the offices of Animanga Nation, Comic Revolution and Game Frontline. Together, the these three forces will happily bring you plenty of news and reviews.

Sometimes we even join forces like the short piece that Game Frontline’s Tia Tanaka has written about Anime or Manga properties she would love to see become a video game. Check it out here …

Anyway, enough about that. We would just like to say Happy Holidays and may we meet again in 2010 when we will continue doing what we do best … bringing you manga and anime news and reviews.

Happy Holidays,

Edward Zacharias


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