Comic Party Revolution, The Complete Series – DVD Review

Review by: Brenda Gregson

Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $49.98 US
Running Time: 325 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Rating: TV 14
Release Date: Available Now

The revolution will be televised but not very comedic.

Having taken part in writing my own manga as well as gotten together with actual doujinshi aaaaa9self-published manga) enthusiasts and artists in Tokyo, Comic Party Revolution is a series that got my attention to the point that I just had to review it. If The Complete Series of Comic Party Revolution was meant to be a comedy, it failed on that front but if it attempted to deliver a series with a respectful nod to the doujinshi lifestyle then it does so well enough that you should at least give this series a chance.

Comic Party Revolution should be considered Season Two with Comic Party being the first season that introduced us to Kazuki Sendo, Mizuki Takase, Aya Hasebe and Eimi Ohba. In this second part of the series, we find Kazuki and Aya at the summer ComiPa (a fictionalized version of Comiket) promoting and selling their own manga as the pair find themselves in their college years. While you don’t have to see Comic Party to fully appreciate Comic Party Revolution, I do recommend checking out the first part of the series but it is always good to see a series manage to make its second part able to stand on its own.

Being the only male in a doujin circle of authors that are mainly girls, Kazuki finds himself helping the others finish their books as well as receive support from the others much like a fictional version CLAMP. We witness the hardships each author goes through as well as the joys of publishing their work in time for the next ComiPa. The series covers the doujin aspect well but it also offers a glance at the cosplay end of the convention with Reiko (who takes it seriously) and then the professional end of working on an anime/manga publication. These are very interesting points the series handles wonderfully.

Unfortunately, the rest of the series lacks the comedic and romantic elements that made Comic Party amusing and fun to watch. It’s not to say that Comic Party Revolution isn’t funny or has romance in the 13 episodes this set contains but the comedy is simply lackluster and the romance is just hinted at lightly. There are nods to other anime and manga series that are the sneeze-and-you-miss-it variety but it’s just not funny. Neither is the rivalry between Yu (who seems to come straight out of Brooklyn) and Eimi (who is the self-proclaimed Doujin Queen).

While not working on their own books, the group finds themselves getting together to do fun things like heading to the beach, challenge each another to a game of baseball as well as compete in a cosplay battle contest with the winner getting Kazuki’s first boy’s love book … against Kazuki’s wishes. There’s even a hot springs episode that is simply just an excuse to see the girls in a state of undress. Incidentally, the fan service in the series is actually on the light side with Mizuki’s Magical Girl transformation magic being more of a playful nod to the Magical Girl genre.

There are some fun moments in this series such as when Subaru decides to help a girl named Chisa keep her father’s printing business afloat or the group participating in a survival game. The romance element, while a tad on the weak side, has its interesting moments as Kazuki takes rising pop star Asahi Sakurai out on a date or comes to the conclusion that Yu might just like him as a husband to help her run her family’s hot springs. One of the best episodes has Kazuki and Aya visiting a professional manga publishing company to see how the professionals work compared to how the doujinshi authors work.

The Complete Series of Comic Party Revolution lacks the charming and comical appeal of the first part of the series and what remains is a somewhat likeable collection with a few good points. Yes, there’s very little here that will make you laugh out loud but if you ever wanted to see an anime about the otaku and doujinshi culture then you might want to at least check it out.


Kazuki is surrounded by a bevy of cute doujinshi authors trying to make a name for themselves selling their manga during ComiPa. There’s cosplay fun, a trip to the beach and – of course – a fellow doujin’s family hot springs. The romance and comedy are very thin in this anime.

The anime looks great on DVD as it has in the first individual DVD release and despite some generic-looking characters the series still isn’t bad on the eyes. Sadly, the sight gags aren’t very funny either.

The original Japanese voice work is the way to enjoy this series but the English dub isn’t bad if you overlook a few questionable accents. The opening theme “Fly” performed by Arisa Nakayama is a favorite but it is “Issho ni Kurasou” by Emi Motodo that will be stuck in your head.

The extra material is super thin with nothing much to write home about but it’s still good to find the clean opening and closing songs as well as a few trailers. There is very little else to look forward to in this set.

Unfortunately, the Complete Series of Comic Party Revolution lacks the comedic chops to be an amusing anime series but there are some interesting moments scattered throughout that makes this worth a glance. That said, if you’re looking for a series that will make you laugh out loud you will not find it here.


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