One Piece, Season Two Second Voyage – DVD Review

Review by: Edward Zacharias

Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $49.98 US
Running Time: 320 minutes
Genre: Action
Rating: TV 14
Release Date: Available Now

Baroque Works attacks and there will be dinosaurs, giants and tea!

While Season One of the charming and action-filled series One Piece was exciting enough, here comes Season Two blowing a great introductory series out of the water with a grand storyline worthy of the Straw Hat pirates. Traveling unknown waters on a new mission, the Second Voyage of Season Two is by far one of the most zany and fun parts of the second season of One Piece.

Having finally crossed into the Grand Line, Luffy and company have found themselves in a number of peculiar incidents that have led them to a port town that put their lives in danger. It was also in this port that they discover that one of the members of the infamous Baroque Works was actually a spy from the kingdom of Alabasta. As a matter of fact, she was more than just a spy … she’s a Princess named Vivi who has infiltrated to group to locate the leader of Baroque Works who might be the cause of the civil unrest in her kingdom.

Sensing a big reward, it is Nami who accepts Princess Vivi’s offer to not only protect her but to take her back to Alabasta. Surprisingly enough, it doesn’t take Baroque Works long to find out that the Straw Hats are aiding the Princess and send two of their agents – Ms. Valentine and Mr. Five – after them. As Princess Vivi’s protector makes the ultimate sacrifice to aid in her escape with the Straw Hats, the crew runs into a mysterious and sexy agent of Baroque Works who tells them of an easier path to Alabasta. Mistrust leads the Straw Hats on a different course that would take them to an island known as Little Garden.

When the crew reaches Little Garden they find out that there’s nothing “little” about the island and – to Princess Vivi’s annoyance – her escorts decide to check the island out in search of food and some time to recalculate their course to Alabasta. Interestingly enough, Little Garden is a Jurassic Park-like island filled with dinosaurs and two battling giants named Dory and Broggy who have been fighting for 100 years. As the crew separates, they befriend the giants and learn of their history on the island.

Meanwhile, Baroque Works is on the move again as we are introduced to new agents like Mr. Three and Ms. Golden Week who decide to not only eliminate Princess Vivi but also get the reward for the capture of the two giants. Setting up a trap that manages to topple both giants, the two new agents plus Ms. Valentine and Mr. Five go up against the Straw Hats. It’s actually a blast seeing Usopp and Vivi’s faithful bird named Karoo put up a brave front in front of capable enemies or watch a helpless Luffy as he is being controlled by the child Ms. Golden Week who has the pirate join her for tea rather than help her friends literally turning into wax statutes.

The battles in this collection aren’t plentiful but they are monumental and actually quite impressive. The series has showed a lot of heart in past episodes and this season is no different whether we learn about the history of the two giants or look into Coby and Helmeppo’s new life as members of the Marines. It isn’t a One Piece series if it also didn’t contain the series’ own quirky touch and there’s no shortage of it here whether it’s watching Zoro and Sanji dragging defeated dinosaurs in a contest to see who can bag the biggest dinosaur or seeing Princess Vivi’s reactions to the Straw Hats at their worst.

One interesting part I should point out is the Han Solo impression Sanji pulls off in Little Garden’s Baroque Works hideout as he speaks to the Baroque Works boss who calls himself Crocodile. As we can tell from what a sick Nami reveals at the end of this second part of Season Two is that Alabasta is in bigger trouble than Vivi expected. The Alabasta story arc is surely going to get more interesting really soon.

Season Two’s Second Voyage of One Piece is nothing short of outrageous and thoroughly enjoyable as the series takes a turn for the more interesting and fun. One Piece fans will simply love the grand battles and the crews stay on an island bigger than life. At risk of repeating myself, we can only look forward to the next voyage in this already unforgettable season.


Accepting the dangerous task of taking the Princess of Alabasta to her home that is about to erupt in a bloody civil war, the Straw Hats set sail once again only to find themselves the target of Baroque Works and a mystery man calling himself Mister Zero. Stuck on an island where giants and dinosaurs roam, the crew faces their toughest opponents yet.

The video quality is still great on DVD and it makes me wonder just how amazing this series would have looked on Blu-ray. Still, the DVDs are nothing to sneeze at and the animation is still great.

The quality of the voice acting hasn’t changed much when it comes to the Japanese and English dub so expect some great voice work on both ends. Caitlyn Glass does a marvelous job with Princess Vivi and her performance does stand out. The last closing tune is sung by Stephanie Young and she can definitely carry a tune.

There’s an audio commentary track for Episode 67 with Caitlyn Glass and Stephanie Young that’s worth listening to if you’re a fan wondering how they got cast in One Piece. Other than that’s there are trailers, clean opening and closing songs and – of course – Marathon Play.

There’s more to love in Season Two’s Second Voyage of One Piece as the crew not only begins its most engaging story arc yet but also hands us some of the most wildly fun episodes as well. The interesting combination of giants, dinosaurs and bizarre Baroque Works agents just keeps the adventure wonderfully zany and loads of fun to watch. You just have to love the Straw Hats.


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