Naruto, Vol. 46 – Manga Review

Review by: Edward Zacharias

Publisher: VIZ Media
Author: Masashi Kishimoto
Genre: Graphic Novel (Shonen Jump Manga)
MSRP: $9.99 US
Rating: T (Teen)
Release Date: Available Now

The ultimate act of Pain and the fall of Konoha.

In an effort to teach the world that the only real path to true peace around the world is to understand and accept pain, the Akatsuki named Pain has come to Konoha to rid the world of the Tailed Beasts like the one dwelling within Naruto. After infiltrating Konoha and unleashing their devastating attacks on the village, the shinobi of Konoha makes their magnificent and brave stand in Volume 46 of Naruto.

In the final chapter of the last volume, Kakashi-sensei – with the aid of Choji’s father – takes on Pain himself and wasting no time or Chakra trying to take him down. Unfortunately, Pain’s true power is overwhelming and the fight quickly becomes one-sided to the point that we witness Kakashi make the ultimate sacrifice to save Choji who escapes with some important Intel on Pain.

As buildings shatter and Konoha shinobi drop dead at the hands of the attackers, even the youngest of the academy students hustle to come to the aid of these around them. As Sakura tends to the wounded and Lady Tsunade lays out her plan to counter the attack, one man secretly plots against the Lady Hokage and doesn’t lend a hand to save the people of the village. Thankfully, Shizune is putting together all the clues from the autopsy and interrogation and learns something else about their enemy.

As the enemy begins killing their way to find Naruto, a handful of shinobi lay down their lives for Naruto. For years, Naruto has been the child everyone wanted to stay away from and the one that became known for his troublemaking and blundering ways and slowly he earned enough respect that those in the village would do anything to protect him. In one of the most amusing moments of the invasion, Master Ebisu is close to getting killed when none other than Konohamaru steps in and saves his master! You won’t believe how he does it.

Meanwhile, Lady Tsunade is confronted by Pain and she recognizes him right away. Finally, Pain reveals the Akatsuki mission and the meaning behind their insistence on capturing Tailed-Beasts. It’s a warped cause to say the least and the Lady Hokage lets him know that as she attempts to put an end to his invasion only to become aware that a member of Pain’s entourage has obtained the location of Naruto. After that, Pain lunges into the sky and does the unthinkable to the Hidden Leaf Village.

Back in Mount Myoboku, the toads sense that something is not right with Konoha. With his training partially complete, Naruto and the old toad master decide to head out to the village. When they get there they are shocked by what they see as Pain – at last – turns his attention on Naruto. In an impressive show of force, Naruto shows off his new Sage abilities as he begins his battle with all six Pains with the Toads as the survivors watch in horror.

I can go on but doing so would be doing Naruto fans a great disservice. Volume 46 is not only an amazing chapter in the series but it is great storytelling that is the reason that this manga is so popular. Recently, there have been amazing volumes but this one is on the very top of the list in favorite Naruto volumes. You’re not going to be the only one impatiently awaiting Volume 47.


The battle to save Konoha begins as Pain and his Akatsuki brethren launch their attack on the Hidden Leaf Village in search of Naruto. While Kakashi-sensei and many of the others put up a brave fight, it isn’t enough to stop these members of Pain. Meanwhile, Lady Tsunade begins to discover some interesting facts about the enemy and Naruto makes his debut as a Sage.

Simply put: Volume 46 is also a visual masterpiece and if you don’t believe me just check out Pages 120 and 121 or the massive battle that takes place in the last chapter of the volume.

Calling Volume 46 of Naruto monumental would be insulting Kishimoto-sensei. It’s a groundbreaking volume that is the kind you really have to see to believe and that’s what makes this series such a real gem. With all that happens in the volume you will find yourself wanting more that that’s the mark of a great storyteller.


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