Monthly Editorial – February 2010

I think I died and gone to anime/manga heaven.

With two big anime boxes of Dragon Ball Z and great manga like All My Darling Daughters, it’s hard not to believe that 2010 is the year anime and manga fans will not forget anytime soon.

February is a lot of things but it is also mainly known for romance with Valentine’s Day coming up. Sure I love chocolate and flowers as much as the next girl but what I love more is anime and manga. How about this for a new tradition: Why not give that special somebody in your life a box set of romantic anime series or, if they’re more into reading, give your squeeze a shoujo manga on Valentine’s Day instead?

The boys have started this tradition a year ago and it made their girlfriends appreciate something different. Clive game his girl the Peach Girl anime box set and she loved it enough that she now asks for more just like it. Our Editor-in-Chief gave his girl the hardcover Collector’s Edition of Volume 1 of Death Note and she couldn’t sleep for weeks.

Ok, that last one didn’t go off as romantically as he thought it would but now he has a girlfriend who is hooked on manga to the point that she haunts her Border’s manga aisle like a ghost. No kids, that isn’t the ghost girl from “The Grudge,” it’s only our Editor-in-Chief’s girlfriend.

So, forget the roses and forget the perfume, get your girl something different this  year, boys. Pick out a romantic anime box set or a shoujo manga recommended by any young girl haunting your local book sellers manga aisle. Just don’t ask the girl that looks suspiciously like that ghostly girl in the movie “The Ring” at the Borders Books near us because she’ll only recommend Death Note, Monster and anything with dead people in it.

– Faith McAdams


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