Monthly Editorial – March 2010

Hello, it is I, Clive Owen, your resident Reviews Editor and – embarrasing enough – a failed contestant on “So You Think You Can Dance?”

While filling this editorial is the job of our Chief or Faith McAdams, I was given the chance to do so … finally. So I decided to take this opportunity to answer “fan mail” we keep getting to yours truly. You see, while I do share the same name as a now well known English actor I am not him. Somehow, though, we keep getting e-mails addressed to me as if I were Clive Owen the actor. Here’s a few that I decided to answer anyway because some messages even seem to think that Clive Owen the actor writes for Animanga Nation.

“Oh my God, I think you are by far one of the most handsomest men on the planet. What I love even more is that you write reviews for anime and manga! You are now officially my most favorite actor in the world.”
— Gabrielle M. from Vancouver, Canada

My reply: ” Dearest, Gabrielle, I too think I’m the most handsomest man on the planet. Thank you for making me your most favorite actor in the world too. I didn’t think people in Canada got to see me as Othello in my High school play in Los Angeles. You are now officially my most favorite fan.”

“I just have one question for you Mister Owen: Will you marry me, please?” Oh, I also loved you in ‘Children of Men.’
   — Sylvia S. from Portland, Oregon

My reply: “Sylvia, I will marry you on the condition that you not mention the name of the movie that made me cry like a little girl.”

“I cannot believe this! Clive Owen loves manga and anime! I think I am so in love with you now. Who would have thought you, a major Hollywood actor, would be so cool? Will you please please please please marry me? I’m really cute and people say I look like Jennifer Love Hewitt.”
    – Crystal B. from Albany, New York

My reply: “Jennifer Love Hewitt, you say! How fast can you get to Los Angeles?”

That’s but a few of the e-mails we get here that are addressed to me as if I were the actor Clive Owen. I should say that next to Sophie Stevens, I get the most e-mail but, sadly, it’s for an actor who – by default – is now my personal favorite actor.

I would guess that the actor known as Clive Owen doesn’t know his “Cowboy Bebop” from his “Scooby Do” but this Clive Owen does. Still, keep the e-mail coming, confused folks, I still love to read them anyway.

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