Case Closed Movie 4: Captured in Her Eyes – DVD Review

Review by: Faith McAdams

Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $19.98 US
Running Time: 100 minutes
Genre: Mystery
Rating: TV PG
Release Date: Available Now

This time Conan makes it personal.

When it comes to the Case Closed movies there have been hits and there have been misses but this fourth movie follows up another hit so, Case Closed fans, consider this another Must Own addition to the Case Closed movie collection. Captured in Her Eyes is also one of Conan’s most personal cases that has the pint-sized detective protecting the person he loves the most.

The movie begins with Rachel Moore at an amusement park and she happens to be on a date with none other than Jimmy Kudo. It’s a pleasant enough date, although Jimmy wouldn’t admit it was a date but judging by Rachel’s expression she is having the time of her life with the boy she really likes. Unfortunately, it’s too bad that this was the day that Jimmy Kudo was turned into Conan Edogawa by a shady pair with an experimental drug.

Fast-forward several years later as Conan, who now lives with Rachel and her private detective father named Richard, spends his days solving crimes despite the fact that he’s stuck in the body of his eight-year old self. One day, while out with his much younger friends that have assumed the role of the Junior Detectives, Conan and the others witness a man Conan knows is a police detective get shot to death by a man sporting a trench coat and holding an umbrella.

The following day another police detective is shot to death as the police begins to suspect that somebody is specifically targeting police detectives. Inspector Meguire has issued warnings to all police detectives as the case becomes so hush-hush that they don’t even talk about it in front of Richard Moore. Richard starts feeling left out as he confronts Inspector Meguire and other detectives at the wedding reception of a fellow police officer. Something is definitely fishy about the whole thing.

In the restroom, however, the killer targets a female detective and Rachel happens to be in the restroom when said killer strikes again. The sight of the detective getting shot as well as the thought that she might have been the reason she was shot freaks Rachel out to the point that she goes into a state of retrograde amnesia. She doesn’t even remember who she is or who her family and friends are as well as what she saw that night.

Conan’s first instinct is that Rachel’s life might be in danger if the killer thinks that she saw his face. The little detective quickly gets to work rounding up all the usual suspects that include a young rock musician whose father is a member of the police department, a man who has a grudge against the police department and a woman hot on the trail of the rock musician. Meanwhile, Rachel is getting help by a young psychiatrist while Rachel’s father and estranged mother bicker over their daughter’s treatment.

Unfortunately, the killer is attempting to get to Rachel as Conan’s little friends watch over Rachel but with suspects aplenty it is becoming harder to save her. We’ve seen Conan worry for Rachel before in episodes of the show but watching him push himself to find the killer allows the Jimmy/Conan to admit his true feeling for Rachel and he even makes a sort of confession later in the movie … although I won’t reveal what he says to her.

In the meantime, Rachel doesn’t remember anything but there’s something about a photo of her with Jimmy Kudo at the amusement park that sparks some recollection so Richard asks Rachel’s friend to take her to the same amusement park. As Conan realizes that the killer knows she’s at the park, the young detective races to save Rachel in an exciting confrontation that includes a boat chase and a few close calls until Conan and Rachel face off against the culprit.

The mystery behind Captured in Her Eyes isn’t compelling nor is it as imaginative as those seen in a two-episode story arc of the series but that doesn’t mean the story isn’t exciting or fun to watch. This is probably one of the more pleasantly paced Case Closed movies and despite it being very chatty it contains a great chase scene and most of the characters from the series show up to lend a hand.

That said, this fourth movie in the Case Closed series makes Captured in Her Eyes another excellent entry in the Case Closed movies. The mystery could have been handled with better flair but it isn’t without its interesting moments and the Jimmy/Conan and Rachel relationship makes this one even more endearing. Case Closed fans, this is yet another movie you will want in your collection.


Police detectives are being targeted by a gunman with a person grudge but when the killer strikes again and takes out another detective it is Rachel Moore who is a witness to the crime. Unfortunately, the shock of the shooting has made her lose her memory but that won’t stop the killer for attempting to silence her. It is up to Conan Edogawa and his friends to try to protect Rachel and catch the killer.

The movie looks excellent on DVD and there are some impressive animation and action sequences like the boat chase.

The original case is back whether you like the Japanese voices or the English dub cast that includes Vic Mignogna. The score is intense and true to the series but the closing theme song could have been better.

There are no extras here except for some trailers but the real treat is finally having this movie on our side of the pond and looking good on DVD.

Captured in Her Eyes plays like an exciting episode of the series that Case Closed fans will not help get wrapped up in the fun story. While the mystery isn’t elaborate nor does showcase how brilliant Conan’s deductive methods are this is still yet another great entry in the Case Closed collection of movies.

Review copy provided by FUNimation Entertainment

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