Soul Eater, Part Two – DVD Review

Review by: Kiki Van De Kamp

Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $59.98 US
Running Time: 315 minutes
Genre: Action/Supernatural
Rating: TV 14
Release Date: Available Now

This is still one of the tastiest treats to come along.

Part One of Soul Eater has quickly made a fan out of me and by quickly I mean I was hooked after having finished Episode 1. This is easily one of the more exciting, eye-catching and completely amusing action anime series to come along and I couldn’t wait for the second part to come out. Part Two of Soul Eater is just as exciting and, while somewhat lacks the attention-grabbing feel of the first part, it still will make you a fan of this energetic and completely exceptional series.

With the battle against Free, the wolf man that Medusa helped escape, behind them, Maka and her friends find themselves back on school grounds preparing for the Academy’s most feared written exams. The test has everyone, including the Thompson sisters and even Soul, studying their hardest. Of course, you can’t imagine Soul and Black Star quietly sitting through the exam … which leads them to do something dastardly. Meanwhile, the results are in and one of their own actually takes first place.

Later, Death the Kid is given an assignment to look into an attack by the legendary and mysterious Black Dragon. Expecting a beast, Kid, Patty and Liz find themselves staring at a ghost ship but what’s inside is what has Kid and his two sexy Weapons fighting to stay alive. Of course, that isn’t going to be easy when Liz is separated and scared out of her mind. Meanwhile, back in the Academy, Doctor Stein is suspicious of the school’s physician, Medusa. Something just isn’t right about her and while the crazed professor doesn’t know we certainly do.

Thinking her cover as a school physician is finally blown, Medusa begins to mobilize her followers and prepare for an assault on the school grounds using the frog girl named Eruka and wolf man Free. She begins her attack during the evening’s anniversary party Death himself has thrown to celebrate the opening of the Academy. With all the students dressed in their finest and expensive food being served, it all starts as a peaceful evening when Medusa’s allies begin their attack that traps all the students and Death in one spot. Fortunately, the quick thinking zombie Sid manages to drop Maka, Black Star, Kid and their partners out of the range of the spell that trapped them.

Together, these Meisters and their partners realize that Doctor Stein and Spirit (Maka’s father and Death’s main Weapon of choice) come to realize that Medusa is here to awaken an old evil that was cast down into the very foundations of the school itself. I won’t spoil the identity of this enemy but it is clear that this being from Death’s past is connected to all the evil Kishins. So the students set off to stop Medusa’s minions from reaching the final resting place of this evil threat while Stein and Spirit fight against Medusa herself.

While the first few episodes in Part Two have slowed the pace action-wise, it more than makes up for it in the final few episodes of this second part. Maka runs into Crona and his Weapon named Ragnarok again and their battle is nothing short of exciting. You see, Maka and Soul are pulled into the darkness of the demon dwelling within Soul and thus transforms Maka into something of a psychopath. Meanwhile, Stein and Spirit attempt to take down Medusa who uses all her witch powers to the point that the fight is intense.

Saying more about the battle will be doing readers a great disservice but know that the outcome is surprising as Death’s enemy is brought back into the world and Maka and Soul manage to pull out a very disturbed boy out of his painful shell. With a powerful enemy threatening to destroy all the Death had worked for and a path of destruction that has destroyed many parts of the city, Death calls in graduates of the Academy and former Death Scythes such as the cute and charismatic Miss Marie. It’s time to prepare for an enemy that is waiting to get stronger to face off against Death again.

As I said, the final few episodes of Part Two certainly do get a lot more exciting as everything including the fights get a lot better. There are still loads of comedic moments such as the episodes where a student named Ox Ford goes looking for Excalibur only to be treated to a very long story of the adorable-yet-annoying Weapon’s life, loves and his influence on everyone including King Arthur and Sherlock Holmes. Miss Marie is also a pleasant new addition to the cast of characters. Who wouldn’t want a woman so desperate to get married that she’s even considering marrying a toilet bowl?

Part Two of Soul Eater is simply yet another reason my DVD player doesn’t get any rest. Sure, it doesn’t have the same impact the first part of the series possesses but you cannot deny how entertaining this series is and how it manages to surprise you with its stylish visuals, unforgettable characters and story that just keeps getting better and better. Consider us fans of this series as we will patiently wait for Part Three.


With the Academy test coming up, Doctor Franken Stein suspicious of the school’s physician and Kid taking on the legendary Black Dragon, the students of the DWMA have a lot to worry about. Still, this is nothing compared to what the witch known as Medusa has in store as she attacks the Academy.

The animation is among some of the most original and the Soul Eater universe just manages to really stand out as does the many unique characters that pop up.

The voice acting is still great for both the English dub and Japanese side and the original score is simply perfect. The new ending theme song, “Style” by Kana Nishino, is my new favorite while the opening theme song still rocks. I definitely want the Soul Eater soundtrack.

Once again there are trailers, the clean opening and closing animation as well as the return of the Soul Eater Late Show. There’s an audio commentary track for Episode 23 that features Luci Christian, Vic Mignogna and Chuck Huber that is lively and actually fun to listen to thanks to the energy of all three.

While Part One of the series was a great introduction, Part Two of Soul Eater is still just as exciting although not quite as fulfilling as the first. Still, the great characters, original world and interesting story won’t fail to win you over. Trust me; Soul Eater will make a fan out of you.

Review copy provided by FUNimation Entertainment


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