Strawberry 100%, Vol. 12 – Manga Review

Review by: Ai Kano

Publisher: VIZ Media
Author: Mizuki Kawashita
Genre: Graphic Novel (Shonen Jump Advanced)
MSRP: $9.99 US
Rating: T+ (Older Teen)
Release Date: Available Now

Panty Flash 100%

Just when you thought that Junpei Manaka already had one too many girls interested in him here comes Volume 12 of Strawberry 100% with yet another girl who finds our average Joe very likeable. Still, if there’s one thing that Mizuki Kawashita is good at it’s making each girl that becomes a part of Junpei’s interesting life overwhelmingly cute and absolutely intriguing. Still, even with all these girls taking an interest in him it is becoming even more clearer who dominates his thoughts.

When we last left them, Junpei and Tsukasa have found themselves alone in the amusement park and even got to ride the Ferris wheel when the ride itself comes to a halt right when things are starting to get romantic between the two. The ride doesn’t stay stuck for long but both panic when the door of their gondola swings open and the two end up in each another’s arms and in a very uncompromising position. After that, you can bet that Tsukasa is stuck in Junpei’s mind.

Oh, but White Day is here (a day where those who got a Valentine’s Day treat return the favor) and Junpei gives each girl candy but his treats for Tsukasa are ruined by Junpei’s boss. Asking Okusa and his buddy Takagi for their opinion of a good White Day gift, Takagi suggests giving her lingerie. So, determined to give her panties with a strawberry pattern, Junpei – and his brave friend Rikiya – dress up like women to buy them. What they find instead in the lingerie shop is an adolescent boy’s paradise … and a series of mishaps when Misuzu, Satsuki and Junpei’s attractive and busty teacher, Ms. Kurokawa, come to the store looking to be fitted by Junpei who they mistake for the store’s employee.

Meanwhile, a meeting with Aya convinces Junpei that he should join her at cram school if he wants to get into the university he wants to become a filmmaker. As usual, a girl not only falls on top of Junpei but she gives him quite an eyeful in the process before screaming and running away. The girl’s name is Kozue Mukai and, as Aya tells him, she is frightened of boys despite the fact that boys are all she thinks and talks about constantly. Junpei can’t stop thinking about Kozue and the thought that all she thinks about is sex.

While she’s jittery and tends to run off whenever Junpei or any other boy comes near her, spending time with Junpei changes her. She begins to laugh and smile in his presence, a fact that seems to concern Aya seeing as he’s now spending more time with Kozue than her. Soon, Junpei even shares his passion for movies with her and, as a result, they head to a video store together.

As it turns out, Satsuki sees the two together and begins to follow them more out of jealousy rather than curiosity. She manages to get a trench coat, a hat and glasses and trails close behind them. It’s clear from the way they talk to each another that this girl is clearly comfortable around Junpei and interested in him and this doesn’t sit well with Satsuki. When Junpei and Kozue notice the strange figure in the trench coat they run and hide in the park but manage to lose them in the bushes where the pair are laying flat together. In the end, Junpei discovers that the person they thought was a stalker is really Satsuki and she lets him know how she feels about seeing them together.

Finally, Junpei spends the day with Tsukasa and she makes it clear on a boat ride they take together that she wouldn’t mind if Junpei followed her to Paris, France. Is Tsukasa thinking about Junpei just as much as he is thinking about her? It seems like it but there’s more to it and you can bet that we will discover what these feeling are in the upcoming volumes of this series.

The series has always had a great sense of humor but Volume 12 of Strawberry 100% is downright hilarious to the point that the mishaps Junpei endures outshines the excessive amount of fan services featured here. A new girl enters Junpei’s already complicated life and adds something interesting in the process. Meanwhile, Tsukasa becomes the one that Junpei seems to think about more and the feeling might be mutual.


During White Day, Junpei’s gift to Tsukasa was ruined and he wishes to make up for it with a more intimate gift … panties with a strawberry pattern and the only way he plans to get them is to disguise himself as a woman. In another chapter, Junpei goes to cram school with Aya and meets a most unusual girl who befriends the only boy she’s comfortable being around … Junpei.

The art in this manga is still visually pleasing to the eye and that doesn’t seem to change since the first volume of this series. Of course, Volume 12 has really outdone itself this time with the excessive panty flashing.

Yet another girl complicates Junpei’s life as one prepares to leave in Volume 12 of Strawberry 100% but, make no mistake, the new complications just makes this series all the more entertaining and outright hilarious. The fan service is overwhelming in this volume but it’s certainly a lot funnier than past volumes as well.

Review copy provided by VIZ Media


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