Monthly Editorial: Manga Love, Loss and Reunion – June 2010

Manga and love has been our passion since a small group of journalists in a Southern California university got together to start a little print edition of Animanga Nation. As the little magazine grew so did our love for manga and anime and that passionate fire is still alive today. We thank all our favorite companies for having provided us with so much enjoyment over the past 7 years.

Among the companies we would like to thank is CMX for having given us such great manga gems over the years be it Venus Capriccio down to Broken Blade and even the charming Stolen Hearts. CMX Manga has been a part of our family and will be missed very much by all of us here. We are happy that DC is still staying strong but the loss of CMX has us and manga fans deeply saddened and worried for the future of manga.

We would hate for our other favorite companies to suffer this same fate and ask that we – as nation of manga supporters – help these companies understand how much we appreciate them and thank them for the countless pages of joy they have given us. Let us not mourn CMX but help celebrate it by buying a title from their lineup and let us do the same with other companies. Buy a copy of a manga title you always wanted to try but didn’t or buy the first volume of a title you never would touch. Who knows, maybe you’ll come to love said title.

On an uplifting note, Animanga Nation will have a big part in this month’s upcoming Anime Expo 2010 here in Los Angeles next month. We’ll have news, pictures and other goodies as we cover the event including prizes for those who manage to spot one of us out there during the event but we’ll have more on that later this month with the details.

This year we hope to see all of you there and – like last year – will be happy to meet our readers who have been so cool to meet like in last year‘s expo. Sophie Stevens was so thrilled to have met so many readers and Animanga Nation supporters that she has a whole wall on her side of our office with some many pictures she took of Animanga Nation readers.

Anyway, let’s support our love for manga by spreading said love to new manga titles. In the meantime, know that we will miss you dearly, CMX Manga, but we will also never forget you.

Eduardo Zacarias


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