Greetings from AX 2010: Monthly Editorial

Once again, it’s that certain time of the year where Los Angeles gets a lot more livelier than normal and even more so in the direction of the Los Angeles Convention Center where anime fans from all over congregate and unite as one to show appreciation for one of Japan’s many cultural wonders.

No matter how many times I go I am sincerely overwhelmed by number of anime and manga fans showing their love for their favorite characters and titles.  There was a lot of love for Soul Eater this year. Last year we ran into a lot of Gurren Lagann characters (which is cool) but it was great to see a number of Maka, Soul and even Liz and Pattys out there.

Sure I love the fact that there were a number of great guests of honor and I even got to shake hands with Black Lagoon manga-ka Rei Hiroe who is just about the coolest manga-ka you could meet. It’s no wonder Black Lagoon is just too damn cool. The real, treat, however, comes in meeting Animanga Nation readers and I got to meet and even eat lunch with a large group. Thank you, Clara, for that awesome keychain. Thank you, Wendy, for that even more awesome hug. By the way, Wendy was the best Gaara out there.

Oh, I was even invited to the AKB48 concert. If you don’t know who they are you are missing out on one of the best all-female musical acts in Japan. These girls are so big that they have their own exclusive theater in Akihabara. They’re also super cute. I’m a big fan now. By the way, the picture above isn’t a camera fluke. They became a blur when they were spinning like that.

Well, I’ll get back out there with Clive Owen and Faith McAdams running around out there as well. Hopefully, we’ll bring you more news and AX 2010 exclusives.

– Eduardo Zacarias


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