AX 2010 – Day 2: Geneon Universal Panel

After a number of deals and arrangements, Geneon has merged with a most interesting partner that you may have heard about … Universal. Now as Geneon Universal, this joint partnership means great production values will most certainly result in a number of excellent anime titles that will be heading our way in 2010. Some of these titles you may already know about while others are ones you should most definitely watch out for because they look amazing.

BLACK LAGOON: ROBERTA’S BLOOD TRAIL – This is officially Season Three of the Black Lagoon series that is packaged as an OVA series consisting of 5 episodes. If you know your Black Lagoon you know this is the “Baile de la Muerte” story arc from Rei Hiroe’s manga. Expect to find plenty of bullets, blood and gun slinging maid antics.

HELLSING V-VII – This is the OVA series with a new production studio behind it. If you thought the series way awesome before you will not believe what you see under MADHOUSE. There’s no official release date but we are told it will be released this year.

FATE/STAY NIGHT: UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS: THE MOVIE – A feature film based on the 24-episode TV series I s here and it’s about time. I won’t bother explaining what this series is about because I would be doing you a great disservice but know that the movie looks absolutely amazing and Fate/stay night fans have something to cheer about when this one is released.

TOARU KAGAKU NO RAILGUN – Finally, an anime series based on the hit manga about a girl named Mikoto who is an Electromaster. A series about girls with powers isn’t anything new but this one has all the makings of an instant anime classic.

HAKUOUKI – A samurai series with an interesting twist. You see, there are samurais going up against vampires and the battle is on in this series.

HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD – The super cool zombie-killing anime series is what George Romero would make if he were Japanese. With more than enough blood, zombies and a heavy dose of fan service, this series is one horror and action fans should definitely look forward to sometime this year.


Geneon Universal is off to a good start with the titles shows here and as a Hellsing fan I could certainly say that the new studio makes for a even more visually amazing series. On the action side, High School of the Dead is looking sharp, interesting and just plain awesome. This is definitely one series on my list of Must Have without a doubt.

– Clive Owen

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