Greetings from AX 2010: Monthly Editorial (Part 2)

I went to a samurai fight and a convention broke out.

Clive Owen here from the floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center. It was a very busy day for all of us and while we are a bit under staffed (Ai Kano, Brenda Gregson and Sophie Stevens decided to become panelists themselves in a seperate event) we managed to check out a few juicy items we will be sharing with you.

First, however, a comment and them some thanks. I am so in love and angry with the musical group AKB48. Each one is more cute than the next and what’s not to love about these talented ladies who look good doing what they do. However, I am angry with them for thinking our Editor-in-Chief is – and I quote one of them (sorry for not knowing her by name) – “really cute.” Below is a picture of them during their signing session when we both got to meet them.

What? You have go to be kidding me! He wasn’t voted Most Attractive in Middle School or Most Likely to Marry Half the Girls in Class in High School. The guy looks like Lord Aizen from Bleach. Is that what’s “really cute” in Japan? Ok, getting a hold of myself and wiping away the tears.

You are probably already tired of hearing this but I’ll say it anyway. We do run into fellow Animanga Nation readers. Mainly because we all wear t-shirts with the name of our site and we are always touched when we hear all the nice things you all have to say about us at the event. We are not kidding when we get offered hugs and words of encouragement. They mean a lot to us so if you see us out there please do not hesitate to stop us and say hello.

During one of my breaks, I did get a chance to see a show because I begged and pleaded to go see May’n and Megumi Nakajima. May’n was chosen as the singing voice for Sheryl Nome from one of my favorite anime shows, Macross Frontier. Here’s a pic of May’n.

Ok, time to get back in there so we will certainly get back with more coverage as well as more pictures.

– Clive Owen


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