Greetings from AX 2010: Monthly Editorial (Part 3)

Is 2010 and 2011 going to be the two best years from anime and manga fans. My Magic 8-Ball a reader named Queenie Keller gave me (with Japanese characters) points to YES! There’severything for everyone and a part of me cheered the fact that most of the fans at the panels cheered when they heard of new releases that I myself thought were rather obscure. This is why we love Otaku so much because you guys are so like us.

This being the last day we cover this 2010 event, I decided to join our Editor-in-Chief  at the VIZ Media panel and headed out to FUNimation Entertainment’s panel with a small army of Magical Girls … one of which was Nanoha (I so love our Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha). I have to say I loved what I saw – even more so than last year’s announcements.


VIZ certainly pulled out all the new stuff and announcements of series already available and I have to say that it made me drool. Even TOKYOPOP’s lineup sounded good.

Anyway, we had a real blast checking out all the panels, talking to fans of anime and manga who were very passionate about sharing their love for the this beautiful art form. I have to say that I enjoyed every second hanging out with readers and those who have just discovered us. Most importantly, I was happy to be among all of you who are strong supporters and keeping anime and manga thriving.

"This isn't the Otaku droid you're looking for."

 After all the amazing titles we got to see and all the cool people we got to meet, I could only say that if you did not go this year I strongly suggest you go next year. In the meantime, there’s new manga and new anime to look forward to and more than enough reason to save some money.

Much love to you.

– Faith McAdams


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