One Piece, Season Two Sixth Voyage – DVD Review

Review by: Clive Owen

Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
MSRP: $49.98 US
Running Time: 320 minutes
Genre: Action
Rating: TV 14
Release Date: Available Now

A Princess stands tall and a villain makes his most dangerous and final move.

We have seen Princess Vivi lie her way into the ranks of Baroque Works and we have seen her pleading the Straw Hats to help her save the kingdom she loves. We have also seen her in moments of doubt, leading to a sudden physical confrontation with Monkey D. Luffy and we have seen her gather her strength to face off against the real enemy … a fiend called Sir Crocodile. In the Sixth Voyage of Season Two of One Piece, however, we see the Princess in her most glorious moment … putting her life in danger to save her people.

As the kingdom of Alabasta is engulfed in violent skirmishes, the Princess has finally made it to the Palace where her father, the King, is being held by Sir Crocodile and Ms. All-Sunday. Meanwhile, the Royal Army is clashing with the Rebel Forces led by Koza who is determined to reach the King as well. Oh, and the Straw Hats are not only trying to avoid the Marines who are giving chase but also confronting the deadly agents of Baroque Works.

With Usopp and Choppers battle against two agents finished and Sanji beating Mr. 2 Bon Clay in their strange battle, it is Nami who finds herself in trouble against the dangerous Ms. Doublefinger who has Spike Spike Devil Fruit powers that make her create lethal spikes throughout her body including her fingers. While Nami isn’t a fighter, she has asked Usopp before they landed on Alabasta to create a weapon and she pulls it out to fight her opponent only to realize that the Clima Takt baton looks to be nothing more than just a glorified party favor. Oh, but there’s more to this new toy than meets the eye and while Nami might not be combat-savvy, she does her best and it is nothing short of impressive.

Not too far away, Zoro runs into an even more deadlier member of Baroque Works … Mr. One. He’s a hardened swordsman just like Zoro but the only difference is that Mr. One’s blades are his limbs and even his torso. How do you cut through a person whose entire body is composed of steel blades? Zoro, never one to back down, tires anyway until he remembered a lesson his master one taught him when he was little. Yes, we’ve seen Zoro in plenty of swordfights before but none have been so epic in scope as this fight.

Back in the palace, Crocodile reveals his true intentions that involve a weapon known as the Pluton and it seems that Alabasta has an underground chamber that contains the means of locating this weapon that has the power of an atomic bomb. He also reveals that in only a few short minutes a cannon he has placed in an unknown location will fire a bomb that will complete destroy the palace plaza killing everything and everyone including his own men fighting below. Suddenly, the fight to reach Crocodile has become a race against time.

Oh but hope comes in the form of Luffy who has, in the Fifth Voyage, was taken out of the picture by Crocodile who told everyone he had killed Luffy in their last encounter. Well, it’s time for Round 2 and this time Luffy has an edge over Crocodile but even with the Croc’s weaknesses revealed the fight is not an easy one and Luffy is brought down while Croc and Ms. All-Sunday head out with the King who tells him that he will show them to the Poneglyph in an underground chamber that will show them the location of the Pluton.

As the fighting continues, though, Princess Vivi and the other Straw Hats reunite to locate the cannon that will shoot the bomb. It is the Princess who figures it out and in one of the most intense moments of this series, the Princess herself fights her way to the bomb. On the other end, Luffy returns to battle Croc again. Sacrifices are made along the way and there’s an interesting change of attitude by Captain Smoker that is unexpected.

The real surprises, however, come at the end of this set as a the Straw Hats become unofficial heroes and a villain who has a change of heart during Luffy and Crocodile’s battle asks to join the Straw Hats as a new member of the crew. Let’s just say, this person will come to replace Princess Vivi who is still considered very much a part of the Straw Hat family. You can believe that the new crewmate will add something unique to the Straw Hats.

The Sixth Voyage is one of the best moments in this series and a fitting conclusion to a long yet considerably gratifying story arc that has it all. There’s no wondering why this story was condensed into a feature-length film and the ending is just as unforgettable as the fight for Alabasta itself as the Straw Hats welcome a new member. With story lines like this we can see why One Piece is so popular.


With the clock ticking and an explosive about to decimate the palace with all the Rebels and Royal Army as well, the Straw Hats and Princess Vivi fight their way to Sir Crocodile who reveals his true plans that involve an ancient and deadly weapon. With the Marines in Alabasta as well, things are going to get very chaotic.

The set still looks really good on DVD and the various battles scattered throughout are visually impressive and wonderfully dramatic.

Like the Fifth Voyage, there are some great performances on both sides and you just have to love the English voices for showing even more emotion during the best parts of this story arc. Even the original score is more dramatic in this one.

We get an audio commentary track for Episode 119 with ADR Director Scott Sager and voice actors Christopher R. Sabat (who voices Zoro) and Brett Weaver (who voices Mr. One) and it has some interesting viewpoints. Aside from that there are the usual assortment of extras such as clean opening and closing animation and some trailers.

Without a doubt, the Alabasta storyline has been one of the most exciting moments in One Piece and its conclusion is one of the most riveting 14 episodes that will not fail to have you on the edge of your seat. It’s going to be very interesting to see how this series is going to top itself after that long but exciting story arc.

Review copy provided by FUNimation Entertainment


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